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Russia FlagWelcome to the number one freight forwarders in the UK, Barrington Freight. Here at Barrington’s, we offer a variety of freight forwarding services, namely air freight. Our air freight services cover a wide variety of destinations, in particular, Russia. From express Air freight to economy Air freight options, we’re able to cater for a wide variety of budgets and unlike many other freight forwarders, even offer a door-to-door pick-up and delivery service too should you require this.

It’s a basic fact that thanks to a rise in air traffic, the availability of flights has of course increased and as such, we’re now able to offer committed delivery dates whether your cargo is heading for Sherenetyevo International Airport (SVO) or Domodedovo Airport (DME), here at Barrignton Freight, we have the air freight services to suit you. We couldn’t be more proud to say that we offer such industry leading transport with a diverse range of services but don’t just take our word for it. You’ll see from a great number of reviews and testimonials that we’re the UK’s go-to freight forwarders and for good reason too. From our reliability to our affordable prices, there’s no better company to use when you have cargo in need of air freight delivery services to Russia. We have a huge amount of experience thanks to a great number of years offering everything from air freight to road freight and even sea shipping. Whether you’re choosing to transport high value goods or even time-sensitive cargo, we have a great deal of experience that’ll ensure you feel secure in the knowledge that you’re working with Barrington Freight. With a network of contacts, built up over a number of years, we’ll provide a smooth process from start to finish. Whether you intend to use our Air freight services to or from Russia, we’ve got the local knowledge needed to make sure your delivery is carried out to the very highest order. From Vnukovo Airport (VKO) to Pulkovo Airport (LED), at Barrington Freight we can provide the Russian Air freight services you need, in the most efficient of manners.

Air freight to Russia: Collection and Delivery

As the UK’s leading Air freight company, we know only too well that cargo shipments come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We also know that not everyone using our air freight services have done so before which can make packing your delivery not only daunting, but down right impossible for some. Add on to this the fact that sometimes delivery of your cargo from you to Barrington Freight HQ isn’t always possible and the use of Air freight services can seem a million miles away. Thankfully, when obtaining your Air freight quote, we’ll be only too happy to help arrange collection as well as delivery. We’ll also offer advice and if needed, assistance when it comes to packing too. Is there no end to our services, we hear you ask…well it seems not as we’re also on hand to help with loading and unloading, thanks to having the necessary equipment to hand should your collection/drop-off destinations not be in possession of such machinery. As you can see, at Barrington Freight, we go out of our way to make sure you receive the very best service possible when using our Air freight services to Russia.

New to the world of Air freight? Then you may not be aware of the necessary customs invoices or other associated paperwork that’s needed when shipping cargo outside of the EU. Once again, while this may sound like even more of an obstacle, it’s simply another area in which we’re able to show you our expertise and professionalism. From the moment you hire our Air freight to Russia services, we’ll be able to help and advise from harmonisation codes, otherwise known as tariff codes, to air waybills. Feel a little out of the loop when it comes to Air freight paperwork? You needn’t be. We have all the information you could need.

As we mentioned earlier, thanks to regular flights heading to and from Russia, we’re able to offer not only reliable shipment times but cargo tracking also. This means you get to enjoy the luxury of knowing where your cargo is at any given time. We find this transparent delivery process offers our clients a great deal of reassurance in our service too.

As you can imagine, traveling via air requires a certain level of organisation and that’s for all areas, including packaging. We understand that a vast amount of our clientele like to send their cargo palletized however, it’s important to remember that when doing this, it must be prepared correctly for transport. You must take into account that your cargo will be loaded and unloaded multiple times during transit, which means it must be packaged securely.

It’s also worth taking into account the fact that your pallet will at times be subjected to environmental pressures such as vibrations, weather and quite possibly even impact from loading/unloading. This could be here in the UK and Russia. It’s because of this that we advise you strap all pallets securely to the base in both directions and when possible, use corner supports. Ensure all elements of your cargo remain within the lines of pallet and above all else, ensure you check Russia’s regulations with regards to the shipping of wooden pallets however, once again, this is an area in which we’re able to help.

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Here at Barrington Freight, we simply cannot stress enough the experience and knowledge we offer when it comes to Air freight to Russia. By using our freight forwarding services, you’ll have access to both import and export services to Russia and the rest of the globe for that matter. If you’re looking for Air freight services to Russia, that are second to none, look no further than our good selves here at Barrington Freight…what are you waiting for?

Where is Russia located?

Russia is located in northeastern Europe and northern Asia.