South Korea FlagWhen it comes to freight forwarding, there’s no company better equipped than ourselves here at Barrington Freight. With years of experience under our belts and a thirst for learning what’s new within the industry, we can say with confidence that we’ll handle your air freight to South Korea perfectly, down to the very finest detail.

As an international air freight shipping company delivering to South Korea, we’re able to offer door to door services, airport to airport to ensure your cargo reaches its destination safely and securely. We also offer varying delivery times to allow for more time critical, perishable cargo to reach it’s destination in the time required. To ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish, we offer a very experienced and dedicated international air freight team to handle your shipments. Thanks to regularly scheduled flights too, we have regular air freight opportunities to Seoul (ICN), Cheju (CJU) and even Pusan (PUS).

Thanks to our regular air freight services to South Korea, we have become one of the UK’s leading freight forwarders, with a fully comprehensive range of carriers and routes offering your air freight services for single pallets to much larger cargo. From perishables to large commercial goods, whether you’re a regular shipper or perhaps even a first time exporter wanting to expand your market overseas; we have the services and experience you’re looking for. We’re also able to offer guidance and support for all commercial freight to South Korea should you need it. We’ll happily work closely with you to ensure things such as customs are dealt with in the most efficient manor possible. Merely having knowledge of customs isn’t enough now-a-days; having detailed knowledge of South Korea’s specific regulations however, means we’re able to help you with each and every aspect of customs to ensure a smooth process throughout.

Our Air Freight To South Korea Service

Here at Barrington Freight, we also offer a daily air freight service to South Korea, from all major UK airports. Add to this our collection service from your door, and it’s safe to say, our same day air freight services to South Korea are quite simply unbeatable. These are often used by those with extremely time critical cargo. For those with cargo that may not be so urgent, we also offer a next day delivery service too. This is ideal for those in search of cheap air freight to South Korea. With all air freight to South Korea, your cargo will be subject to security screening. Thankfully, our experienced network will help you through customs much more efficiently, from paperwork to screening depots, meaning a much quicker boarding upon the aircraft and subsequently a much quicker delivery for your cargo.

When it comes to air freight shipments that contain more than one or two boxes of goods, we’ll always recommend that you contain all your cargo onto one pallet. This will make sure your items travel together to South Korea and will also keep time at customs clearance to an absolute minimum when your air freight arrives at it’s destination. If you think you’ll struggle to air freight your goods on one pallet, fear not. Our expert team here at Barrington Freight aren’t just experts in air freight and customs; they’re also experts within the field of packing too and as such, will be able to expertly pack your goods onto one pallet when we receive them at our depot.

Why Choose Air Freight To South Korea?

So the question is; why use air freight to South Korea? Well, aside from it being incredibly practical, there are six specific reasons why it’s considered the best choice. Let’s start with it’s efficiency. When looking for shipment quickly to another destination, air freight is the obvious choice as it’s significantly faster than road or sea freight. You’ll also benefit from reliable departure and arrival times thanks to airlines having to stick to strict timetables. This gives you a certain amount of reliability and with hourly flights you’ll also find delays don’t tend to be too severe when one does occur. When it comes to South Korea, other shipment options aren’t just limited, they’re also incredibly long compared to the next day delivery options enjoyed by those using air freight services.

Air freight opens up a world of global delivery for those in need of long distance shipments. Thanks to airlines now having built up a rather solid network of airports and destinations, South Korea being one of them, air freight to such places has never been easier or faster for that matter.

Affordable Quote For Air Freight To South Korea

Many worry that the cost of air freight makes it an unaffordable option but this simply isn’t true and we’ll let you know why. While our affordable prices make any form of freight forwarding available, you may also want to consider the low-cost insurance premiums available to you too. This is all down to the process of air freight being comparatively shorter than other options such as road or sea. As your cargo is in transit for a much shorter amount of time, this usually means a much lower insurance premium. Despite the actual cost of air freight being more than road or sea freight, you’ll find you save hugely in insurance; so, it is possible to save in other areas.

You’ll also find you use much less packaging and subsequently save money here too. This is simply down to air freight being a much safer option than for example, sea freight. Add to this a much higher level of security also offering the ability to significantly reduce the risk of damage and/or theft while in transit along with less need for local warehousing and it’s easy to see just why air freight is the best option.

If you’re looking for air freight to South Korea, be sure to contact ourselves here at Barrington Freight today.

Where is South Korea located?

South Korea is located in East Asia.