As a member of BIFA, Barrington Freight is required to comply with the BIFA code of conduct. This code has been put in place to ensure all customers using a BIFA member company receives the best possible quality of service.

The code of conduct was introduced to promote and safeguard the interests of the general public by establishing and maintaining a high standard of professional behaviour. Furthermore, the code should encourage public confidence in the profession particularly through prevention or correction of any abuses which might undermine this confidence.

The code is further intended to promote the interests and welfare of freight forwarders and secure high standards of professional conduct and practice.

In the event of a member breaching the code of conduct, BIFA has the power to issue cautions, warnings or reprimands. In more serious cases it may consider suspension or expulsion.

About BIFA

The British International Freight Association (BIFA) is the trade association for UK-registered companies engaged in international movement of freight by all modes of transport, air, road, rail and sea. BIFA has around 1400 corporate members, known generally as freight forwarders, which offer a wide range of services within these various modes.

BIFA represents over 1400 UK companies in the logistics and supply chain management sector. Members of BIFA are organisations engaged in the movement of freight to/from the UK by all modes of transport: air, road, sea and rail. Some members are also involved in providing customs clearance and other cross border controls.

A not-for-profit organisation, BIFA is funded by subscription and run by its members for members. It operates with a full-time Secretariat which administers and manages the Association’s affairs.

BIFA members adopt a code of conduct, and trade under a nationally accepted set of Standard Trading Conditions that are backed in the insurance sector.

The association provides:

  • representation
  • advice and information
  • training and development
  • industry promotion


BIFA Code of Conduct

BIFA Terms & Conditions