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So, you have bought or sold some goods and now you need to arrange transport. One extra consideration is whether you take out full cargo insurance for your shipment.

Like many types of insurance product, Marine Insurance is optional and depends on your attitude to risk. Freight forwarders do not insure your shipment automatically, but depending on the nature of your goods and value, your freight company should be able to arrange full cargo insurance on your behalf.

Whilst your freight forwarder will do everything they can to avoid it, insurance claims do happen sometimes. The most common insurance claims in road transport can be caused by transport damage, total loss, fire, theft, and pilferage.

Barrington Freight have compiled some thought provoking considerations and questions to ask yourself when contemplating freight / cargo insurance:

*Are my goods of high value and/or a pilferable nature?

If stolen, small high value items like jewellery, DVDs and mobile phones are easily sold on the black market and therefore could be high risk.

*Are my goods of high value but of light weight?

Standard freight liability insurance is calculated based on the weight of your shipment. If you have light but high value cargo there could be a gap in insurance cover.

*Am I shipping fragile items?

Expensive machinery, solar panels, antiques, items containing glass and other fragile items should be professionally packed for export. Some items may be excluded on your freight forwarders general liability insurance, so best always to check.

*How well are my goods packed?

Shipping cargo to another country often involves multiple movement and handling of the same shipment. Items that are well packed in wooden crates and well protected are going to be lower risk than small loose double ply cardboard cartons. Customers should consider palletizing loose cargo for shipping and using black shrink-wrapping to conceal high value items.

*What is the level of cargo insurance liability provided by a freight forwarder?

At the time of writing, (Nov 2013) the standard CMR liability insurance for shipping European shipments by road is approximately £10 per kilo. This rate does fluctuate and the rates for air and sea freight are different. If you are in any doubt you should ask check with your freight forwarder.

Shippers sending cargo with Barrington Freight will complete a booking form and will be offered insurance before the shipment is collected. We have a very low claim rate and our staff are trained in advising on insurance best practice.

Barrington Freight can arrange full marine cargo insurance on most shipments, but only when we are arranging the shipping / transport.

If you have a shipment that you are transporting with Barrington Freight please contact Matt Everard about insurance advice.

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