For many businesses, importing from China has proven to be an effective global sourcing strategy. As a buyer and reseller, this is an incredible opportunity. It is not, however, a simple task, particularly for beginners. Importing can be a time-consuming, complicated, and expensive procedure. Long delivery times, rising or fluctuating delivery costs, administrative fees, and unanticipated delays can reduce expected profit margins. Here is a guide on how to import from Huangzhou port to the UK and make the process fast and efficient.

Locate your seller in Huangzhou and place an order.

First, place your order with the seller, carrier, or exporter, and determine the shipment terms. You will Request a Pro forma Invoice or Quote Sheet for your purchases, which should include the harmonized system code, description, and value per item. The weight and packaged dimensions, as well as the purchase term, must appear on the invoice.

Ensure that the seller agrees to ship on FOB terms from the nearest port or airport, as this will save you money on shipping and offer you more control over the shipment.

Classify the goods and calculate the total cost

Determine each item’s 10-digit tariff classification code. Commodity codes and the Certificate of Origin are used to calculate the duty rate you must pay when importing. Then figure out how much it will cost to get the goods to the UK.

Before you plan on shipping, pay attention to the incoterms and calculate the total trading cost. You can do this by adding up:

  • The price of the products from the supplier,
  • The cost of shipping from your freight forwarder,
    The charges of duty & tax, customs clearance and transportation to the warehouse or final destination.

Make arrangements for cargo transportation.

When looking for the best freight to use from Huangzhou, consider the following factors;

  • Time required – do you need the cargo as soon as possible, or can you wait longer? Will you be shipping during a public holiday?
  • Product and the weight – What exactly is being transported, and how big is it?
  • Destination – Will it be delivered to a small office or a warehouse?

Depending on the form of transportation you choose and the product’s final destination, importing from Huangzhou port to the UK may take anywhere from 1 to 35 days. The fastest choice is express shipment, which takes one to five days. Air freight can take anywhere from two to fifteen days, while sea freight will take a minimum of 30 days.

Sea freight is the most common transportation method from Huangzhou. Low pricing, high volumes, and FCL or LCL possibilities are just a few of the benefits that make shipping by sea the preferred mode of transport.

Track your shipment and prepare for its arrival

It takes 25 days on average for goods shipped from Huangzhou to reach the UK. When your shipment arrives in the United Kingdom, your freight forwarder must file entry documentation at the entry point. Entry documentation includes:

  • Bill of lading that lists the goods being imported,
  • An invoice that states the country of origin, classification tariff and price of your goods,
  • The packing list with details of your goods,
  • The arrival notice.

You can speed the clearance of your goods at the port by asking your supplier to:

  • Invoice your shipment in a systematic order,
  • Indicate the exact number of each item, products in each box, bale, case, or another package.
  • Place a marker or a number on every package.
  • Show those marks or numbers next to the itemization of commodities contained in the package on your invoice.

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