Exporting to Ireland & Northern Ireland from the UK

When exporting to Ireland from the UK, it’s essential to consider your obligations and how they differ between northern and southern Ireland. We make the entire process straightforward, even with Brexit trade agreements yet to be completed, using our decades of experience in international shipping.

Road freight with ferry crossings is the most common freight forwarding method from the UK to Ireland, and with our extensive fleet, we can help your exports get where they need to go on time and can organise multiple drop-off points if required.

Customs to Ireland

As the North is part of the UK and the Republic in the south is part of the EU, different customs considerations depend on your destination point. A UK and EU EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number) must be held when shipping to the Republic. Our blog What is an EORI Number has more. Other customs paperwork is to complete depending on what you are sending, so check with customs at the cargo’s origin and destination to see if this applies to your goods. If you don’t have these requirements and numbers organised, you will face delays and fees. More details can be found on the UK government advisory page.

VAT and Duty Fees

There are customs duties for any “third countries” to the EU, which the UK is now considered. The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement allows for tariff-free trade if the importer or exporter can prove that the goods originated from the UK and swear to it in a customs declaration. The same applies to goods exported to the UK from the EU that are of EU origin. The CIF/CFR – Irish customs fees – value is based on the initial cost of goods plus freight and insurance, and that does not include Irish VAT.

Who Will Make the Declaration?

Customs declarations are essential to get right, so you can ship with ease now and in the future and not run into trouble for non-compliance. You could undertake the process yourself, or better yet, hire an experienced professional who has years of Import declaration practice and can ensure to create a smooth and easy process. Your agent must be in the UK (county of origin), so we recommend our agents to help with your customs documents when you work with us. 

Goods Licences

There may be requirements for special licenses and certificates on both the UK and Irish sides when you ship, depending on the items you plan to send. Be sure you know any restrictions or regulations before sending. 

Get Sending

Post-Brexit exporting to Ireland may seem complicated, but with a bit of groundwork or seasoned professional expertise on your side, it can be a breeze. Working with a reputable agent or freight forwarder will mean a stress-free shipment, allowing you to focus on your business.

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