Since 2001, machinery has been the largest sector of UK product export, and it accounts for a significant portion of both UK exports and global trade. Companies in the United Kingdom import machinery parts from the United Kingdom in order to manufacture heavy machinery, which is then exported to the European Union. The UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement created in the aftermath of Brexit permanently changed the import process. Under the TCA, all businesses moving goods between the EU and UK need to submit customs declarations and proof of origin to gain access. Companies importing machinery from the EU to the UK will have to adjust to the new customs procedures and checks. Whether you are a growing business or an established manufacturer, this guide is essential for any business exporting machinery from UK to EU

Exporting Agricultural Machinery

HMRC has changed the procedure for exporting new and used agricultural and forest machinery from the United Kingdom. For new agricultural machinery, you do not need any plant health certificates. However, for used machinery, you will need a Phytosanitary Certificate(PC). To get a PC certificate :

  1. You must be sure that the machinery is clean and free from soil and other detritus. It is your responsibility to guarantee that any used machinery meets the sanitation conditions of the EU. A PC will not be issued if your machinery does not meet the standard condition outlined.
  2. Your machinery must undergo an inspection procedure by a plant health inspector before being exported. The inspector will need a safe and secure location to conduct the inspection specified on the export application. It is your responsibility as the exporter to ensure the machinery is conveniently accessible and safe for review. Your machinery must be ready for export during the inspection. You must state your name and address on the phytosanitary certificate.

Examples of heavy equipment that will require you to have a PC are :

  • Ploughs – code 8432 10 00,
  • Combine harvesters – commodity code 8433 51 00,
  • Agricultural tractors – code i 8701 94 10.

Exporting Construction and Earth Moving Equipment

When exporting construction equipment, ensure that your equipment meets all applicable regulatory requirements and safety standards to provide reliable services and protect workers in hazardous conditions. You should identify the directives, paperwork and harmonised standards when exporting to the European Union. Your equipment must undergo state-of-art testing to ensure it meets all applicable safety, acoustic and electromagnetic standards. To ensure a successful export, put together all necessary technical documents, reports and certificates before starting the process. Here are the commodity codes for some of the UK’s exported construction and earth moving equipment :


  • The code for bulldozers is 8431 42,
  • For crush and screening equipment, the code is 8474,
  • The code for dump trucks for off-highway use is 8704.

Exporting Electrical Machinery

Most electrical machinery falls under chapter 85 of the Harmonised System. Electrical goods are generally not subject to a very high tariff, but most nations have strict product safety regulations. Some electrical commodities, particularly IT and communication products, are subjected to export control. If you are exporting electronic machinery, you will need to comply with licensing, certification, safety and environmental regulations. You must consider consumer safety standards, especially if the machinery contains hazardous chemicals or metals. As the manufacturer, retailer or distributor, you are responsible for returning and recycling unwanted electronic machinery under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment(WEEE). Examples of machinery covered are medical equipment and telecommunication hardware. Some of the UK’s exported electronic machinery and their codes are:

  • For Electrical generators and motors, the is code 8510000,
  • For Electric rotary converters, the code is 8502400000,
    For Electrical transformers, static converters and inductors, the code is 850400000.

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