Exporting to Slovenia from the UK

Barrington Freight can ship freight to Slovenia from the UK quickly whether you need to send goods expressly, as a full or partial load, or groupage. We help your consignment get through customs to its delivery address punctually wherever that point may be in Slovenia.  

Slovenia is a breathtaking country full of green in the lush heart of Europe where there is something for which is impressive as it covers such a small region yet it offers so much. Worlds combine and converge around history, gastronomy and wonders of the natural world regardless of whether you prefer off the beaten track or a well-trodden path. Slovenia will be unforgettable, and with the local focus on sustainability, business and pleasure in the region can do good for the world. Slovenia is committed to preserving the area for future generations by working with nature to care for the ancient forests, clear rivers and waterways, and extraordinary biodiversity. The small Alpine nation is also rich with cave systems – one contains an entire castle, the European Space Agency utilised another for astronaut training.

Slovenia is one of nine rising economies in Central and Eastern Europe with a developed market with long-term growth prospects for UK export companies. So, even in the post-Brexit economy, there are exporting opportunities to Slovenia – if this is of interest for your company, reach out to Barrington Freight to discover how we can help you get your goods on the road.

Customs Obligations

EORI’s are needed for both the UK and EU – see our blog, What is an EORI Number, for information. Freight sent post-Brexit also has increased paperwork responsibilities, so always take advice from a professional customs agent to ensure compliance. 

VAT and Duties

Shipments from the UK to Slovenia will be liable for duties and VAT – we always recommend getting advice from your freight forwarder and customs agent and your accountant for VAT advice. The VAT rate in Slovenia is 22%, but a reduced rate of 9.5% is available for specific goods.

For more Slovenian VAT information, please visit the Financial Administration website or InvestSlovenia for local taxation details. 

Good to Know

Any products and the associated packaging sent to Slovenia must meet EU standards. Still, it is also worth checking the local website responsible for standards – The Slovenian Institute for Standardization – as local product laws may vary. In addition, all labelling must be in Slovenian and include package composition, origin country, along with care instructions.

Road Freight to Slovenia

Haulage between the UK and Slovenia currently takes 5-7 days for groupage, 2-3 days for full or partial loads, and 1-2 days express. If your consignment requires more speedy delivery and a faster transit time, talk to our advisors at Barrington Freight.

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