Exporting to Sweden from the UK

Barrington Freight always ensures your freight to Sweden is easily and quickly forwarded from the UK. We can help regardless of whether your consignment needs an express service, full load, partial, or groupage. Our expert crew of both freight and customs agents will work hard to ensure your goods get past the borders with no unnecessary delays and to their destination on time.   

The Scandinavian country of Sweden is a member of the European Union, with a strong economy and vibrant history and culture. It is located in northern Europe, known for its breathtaking country, sights, culture and history. There are exceptional transport links around the entire country with excellent access via train, bus and car, which means your cargo can be transported easily via various methods. In and around Stockholm, the capital city, or further beyond to Göteborg and Malmö, are major rail transport hubs. There are high-speed services between them via the tilting train which travels up to 200 km/hour (125 mph). There are so many different regions, different climates across Sweden with very distinct seasons and regions that all have their own charm and way of doing things. To remember this easily, the country is divided into three major areas: the south is Götaland, Svealand in the middle, and the north is known as Norrland. All of these are accessible for trade, although the north is less populated than the cities. But perhaps when you think of Sweden, you think Ikea, meatballs, minimalist design, or perhaps natural wonders like the Arctic Circle, Swedish Lapland, where you can visit Santa and the reindeer. Either way, the charms of Sweden, whether in the wilds of the north or in modern cities, really hold something for everyone. And with all this diversity, they all require imported goods. 

There are so many opportunities for UK companies to export to Sweden with some or their major imports, including heavy machinery, petroleum and petroleum products, a range of chemicals, cars and car parts, iron and steel, food, and clothing and textiles. As a top trade partner with Sweden, it makes sense to export to the country even post-Brexit with supplementary border directions, tariffs and paperwork. This won’t be a hindrance to trade when you have an experienced freight forwarder working alongside you. Barrington Freight can manage your cargo because we have decades of experience shipping to Sweden. We can supervise and guide them along every step of the journey. Be sure to call us to discuss how we can help your shipment get to Sweden on time efficiently and over the border with minimal fuss or delay.  

Road Freight to Sweden

Shipments designated for Sweden from the UK take 5-7 days for groupage, 3-4 days for full or partial loads, or 2-3 days express delivery. If perhaps your cargo needs faster delivery, give our team a call to discuss options.

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