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Dedicated vans for European express freight delivery

If you have fragile or urgent cargo our European courier services for express delivery will transport your shipment fast, safe and secure.

Depending on the size of the consignment and the European collection/delivery points, we will offer your a choice of express delivery, next day freight and delivery within 48hrs throughout Europe. For smaller cargo consignments suitable for a transit or sprinter sized van, for example, we have access to hundreds of vehicles each day in the UK and Europe. We can assist you with emergency freight courier and urgent freight courier services throughout the UK and the EU.

  • Are you able to track your vehicles at any time for progress updates ? 
    We are in contact with all drivers at any time, we can therefore locate the position of your Express delivery and provide progress reports when requested. Most of the vehicles have GPS tracking as well.
  • Can you collect and deliver at any time of the day or just between 9-5pm ? 
    If you have an urgent express consignment and we are using a dedicated vehicle for the delivery, we can usually collect and deliver at any time of the day or night to suit you. This benefit is particularly useful when delivering to shops or to fit around staff working on production lines.
  • Will it be cheaper to airfreight my goods if they are that urgent ? 
    Airfreight can be prohibitively expensive and sometimes even take longer because of all the delays of trans-shipping to and from the airports – express freight vehicles are usually a much more efficient way to transport your freight.
  • What guarantees can you make in terms of the urgency of delivery ? 
    We have many years of experience in express shipments and understand the impact of slow or late deliveries, therefore we do everything possible to ensure your express shipment is collected swiftly and delivered in good time. If necessary, we can double-man the vehicles to ensure complete peace of mind for you and your customer.

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