Your product launch is at the HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show and a new marine electronics prototype needs to get there fast. Our courier service to Amsterdam has it covered. Or maybe urgently-needed spares for your UK assembly line are in Eindhoven? Whether the consignment is speciality pharma product from Amsterdam (‘the new pharma hub of Europe’), or motor sport parts to Zandvoort circuit, our speedy dedicated-vehicle courier service can save the day.

Since 2007, we’ve moved valuable, urgent, consignments between the UK and Rotterdam, Groningen, Maastricht and countless other Dutch locations. How? Fast Sprinter vans are one secret of our express solutions, but it we need to collect and deliver on a trailer that’s fine too. When only overnight delivery to Rotterdam port will do, or you need timed hand delivery to Amsterdam’s Mövenpick Hotel, our courier service (often double-crewed if needed to speed delivery) is perfect.

Contact our experienced team now to discuss our dedicated courier service to the Netherlands from the UK (and in the other direction too).

What to expect from a dedicated courier to the Netherlands

When a customer in North-eastern England needed to regularly move engineering equipment to the Netherlands, we were there, time after time, to securely deliver cargo by road and ferry. Even where air freight seems tempting, please consider the courier option for express delivery from UK to Nl destinations. You might be surprised to learn that road-sea-road delivery often beats air freight from East Midlands or Heathrow to Amsterdam Schiphol or Groningen Eelde. And it does it on speed and cost!

We use trucks and vans for point-to-point express delivery to the Netherlands. While we make delivery straightforward, you sidestep airline formalities, red tape and airport transhipment. It adds up to speed, efficiency, timely delivery and your peace of mind.

By allocating a dedicated van or truck, we avoid on-and off-loading en route. It’s a bespoke courier service to Netherlands destinations compared to traditional express groupage. It means high-levels of security for valuable or sensitive cargo.

What’s more, if required to speed a time-critical delivery, we can send a double-manned vehicle. They can keep rolling when lone drivers take breaks, so your ships spares or fresh Dutch flowers arrive sooner. You need help with loading or unloading after the Vlaardingen to Birmingham run? No problem. As well as ensuring precisely timed delivery, our helpful drivers can also assist with loading or unloading.

De-stress express delivery to the Netherlands

At just 41,543 square kilometres (16,040 square miles), the Netherlands might be small. But like any country it has its remote corners and we go there too. Naturally, we do more than just deliver from Britain to major cities such as The Hague, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Philips’ woonplaats (hometown) in Eindhoven. From across Britain, we convey road freight to every Netherlands province. Urgently-needed yacht spares to West-Terschelling in Friesland? We’ll make it look easy! Overnight tail-lift deliveries from Apollo Vredestein in Eschede to Oxfordshire? They’ll be there in the morning. Just tell us what you need.

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Is your delivery to Holland (or Limburg, North Brabant or any of the Netherlands’ provinces) delicate, time-critical or needing special security? Our courier service to the Netherlands from the UK (or the other way) saves precious time, helps your profitability and protects reputations.

For nearly 20 years as a freight forwarder we’ve specialised in urgent express delivery to and from Netherlands destinations. We’re one of Europe’s most experienced dedicated-vehicle express freight companies. As such, we’re perfectly placed to quote for rapid, non-stop, dedicated-vehicle courier services to the Netherlands, from the Netherlands, or even for a courier service in the Netherlands!

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