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Belgium FlagAre you looking for next day delivery freight to Belgium? Barrington Freight, experts in imports and exports to and from Belgium are a great choice. Belgium, situated in Western Europe, borders the North Sea between France and the Netherlands, along with Luxembourg and Germany.

Belgium is centered in a particularly fast paced area of Europe and as such, suffers with a huge amount of congestion. In fact, traffic congestion analysis consistently shows a rather surprising fact: Both Brussels and Antwerp, the two largest cities within Belgium, are two of the most congested cities in Europe and even North America. It’s even estimated that drivers in Brussels waste a whopping 83 hours of their life each and every year sat in traffic. Things have become so dire upon Belgium’s roads that the local authorities have been urged to take action. So how exactly did Belgium get itself into this mess? Well it may have something to do with the fact that Belgium happens to be a very car dependent country.

On top of severe congestion, the two ring roads of Antwerp and Brussels are the two centre points of a spiders web of highways that are quite simply, impossible to evade. For those travelling though the country, delivering freight to Belgium for instance, have no choice but to pass at least one or both of these cities. As such, deliveries can become a lot more in-depth and certainly not for the faint hearted. Therefore, local knowledge and experience of such travel systems is vital and that’s something that Barrington Freight has in abundance. While we can offer 8-16 hour delivery windows for the Netherlands and 8-24 for France, 6-12 hours or same day/next day delivery services to Belgium can be carried out.

This makes it perfect for those wanting next day delivery to Belgium. If you’re in need of urgent haulage to Belgium however, or perhaps secure cargo, we have dedicated Sprinter or Luton vans, along with 7.5 tonne trucks ready and waiting to make the journey through Belgium traffic. Our partners also happen to offer a collect and delivery service right across the UK and Belgium. Therefore, if necessary, we can offer timed collections as well as timed deliveries throughout both countries.

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Do you have a time sensitive delivery or pick up that needs to be made? Perhaps you have a shipment that needs secure handling? Even guaranteed pick-up or drop-off times? Then our express vans travelling to Europe is the perfect choice for you. These too, offer same-day or next-day solutions for smaller cargo. Larger loads can be catered for also with an arrangement from a hiab to a Euroliner. With Barrington Freight, quite simply anything is possible.

Whether you’re looking for express services to and from Belgium, or even haulage to Belgium, our expertise will ensure your cargo arrives on time, every time. Belgian traffic will be negotiated with ease, with you being able to keep track every step of the way.

Where is Belgium Located?

Belgium is in Western Europe, bordering the North Sea, between France and the Netherlands. It also borders Luxembourg and Germany