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France FlagAre you looking for next day delivery of delicate cargo to France? Then Barrington Freight is the company for you. While many may treat such an undertaking with the same attention as any other delivery, we understand the urgent nature of delivering cargo to and from France. As such, we use smaller vehicles, making access into France as well as travel throughout much easier.

French motorways, otherwise known as autoroutes, are assigned with numbers. These numbers are all preceded by the letter A for autoroute. When driving from Calais to the South of France, you have two route options; you can use either the A16 autoroute towards Paris and Amiens or you can use what’s commonly known as the easier route, the A26 autoroute via Rheims. Much like our UK motorways, the vast majority of French autoroutes have tolls, all of which are marked clearly using the word “Peage”. They differ from UK motorways however, in that payment works slightly differently. Tickets are picked up at each toll and simply paid when your vehicle exits the autoroute or when the toll section itself comes to an end. There are of course fixed toll points but these generally remain within urban areas or on toll bridges themselves.

Having such in-depth knowledge of autoroutes in France of course gives Barrington Freight the upper hand when it comes to offering next day services to France. Not only are we able to calculate the most efficient route making the journey not only quicker but more environmentally friendly as a result, we’re also fully aware of the benefits of using smaller vehicles too. We have within our fleet, dedicated sprinter and luton vans as well as tail lift vehicles, 7.5 tonne and 13.6 metre trailers. These are dedicated solely to carrying out express deliveries to France and of course the rest of Europe.

Our dedicated next day delivery vans offer the fastest possible haulage to France from Great Britain, especially when you compare this to the costly expense you’d incur using French air-freight. Our door-to-door freight forwarders to France avoid all unnecessary airline formalities and red tape, keeping things simple and efficient which means your urgent haulage to and/or from France gets there on time, with the minimum amount of fuss. There’s no better way to say it; Barrington Freight is THE best when it comes to next day haulage services to and from France.

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For the very best service in urgent cargo delivery to France, look no further than Barrington Freight. Our quality express services, thanks to our dedicated express courier vans, offer you a non-stop door-to-door express service like no other. Our haulage services operate beyond merely London to Paris; we cover all parts of France and back, even reaching the most remote French freight locations. So whether your cargo is fragile, secure or time-sensitive, we’ve got it covered and with transit times ranging from just 8-24 hours across the whole of France, we think you’ll find our next day services pretty hard to beat.

Where is France Located?

France is in Western Europe, stretching from the Bay of Biscay and English Channel to the Mediterranean Sea, lying south-east of the UK between Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Italy.