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Holland FlagAre you in need of next day delivery services to Holland? Then allow ourselves here at Barrington Freight, quality freight forwarders, to assist. Our dedicated deliveries, to and from the Holland have helped us to understand the country to an in-depth level and as such, not only are we experts in the next day delivery of cargo from the UK to Holland, but we’re affordable too.

The Holland is one of the twenty biggest economies in the world and unsurprisingly so has a longstanding history of invention as well as trading with other countries. In times of restraint, of global, social and economic challenges, the Dutch will always find a way for innovation and entrepreneurship to ensure they still continue to grow. In order to remain a leader however, the Dutch focus their attention on measures for all business including these nine key sectors in particular; agriculture and food, creative industries, chemical industries, energy, technology, horticulture, life sciences, logistics and last but not least, water.

When it comes to energy for example, the Holland are known best for their renewable energy along with their energy efficiency. They have a leading position in wind energy at sea, along with biomass processing and greenhouse farming. In fact, the energy sector contributes hugely to the Dutch national income, exports and employment statistics. It’s therefore no wonder, with such a large area of growth, the need for next day delivery services to Holland is substantial.

Our knowledge and expertise, when it comes to the Dutch motorway system only makes us more efficient. Speed limits have recently been raised with limits varying around the time of day and the amount of congestion on the motorway. Speeds vary from 100kmh to 130kmh on motorways which also include two toll tunnels; the Kil tunnel at Dordrecht and the Westerschelde tunnel. Knowing this only helps ensure our haulage services to Holland are the most efficient they can be.

If you’re looking for efficient next day delivery to Holland, then our dedicated delivery by van will ensure an urgent, next day express service. How do we provide such an urgent service? Quite simply, we are the expert in European Freight providers, with our dedicated vans available at short notice. This ensures your needs of next day delivery to Holland are always met. Our ability to collect anywhere in the UK (mainland) and deliver to almost any town in Holland within an 8 to 16 hour window sets us apart from competitors. From 13.6 metre trucks, to Sprinter vans, our fleet range ensures we have every vehicle necessary to carry out the delivery.

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With such tight turn arounds, thanks to our knowledge of motorways in Holland, along with our fleet of vehicles at the ready at any given time, our dedicated next day delivery services to the Holland really are hard to beat. So if you’re looking to move cargo from the UK to Holland, simply contact Barrington Freight today. We look forward to hearing from you and showing you just how our professional haulage services can be of assistance.

Where is Holland Located?

Western Europe, bordering the North Sea, between Belgium and Germany.