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The Netherlands is one of our most requested destinations, due to its proximity to the UK and due to the number of excellent business relationships between both nations. When you need an efficient freight service that does not hinder business process, consider our renowned service here at Barrington Freight.

If road freight to The Netherlands is the aim of the game, Barrington Freight is the name in the game!

Timely Road Freight to The Netherlands

Through planning our journeys in detail, and with our unrivalled experience, we can commit to providing you with a freight service to Holland that meets your business deadlines.

Our vans of all sizes and different freight capabilities are dotted around the UK, close enough to be at your establishment efficiently and get your pallets and boxes on the road fast. Once in the Netherlands, the smooth landscape and well-developed roads make getting to your final destination a breeze.

Businesses owners have different options for their freight order. You can choose our next-day delivery service to Holland, perfect for those pressed for time. Alternatively, you can opt for a more leisurely but still efficient two-day delivery service.

Food, Chemicals or Electronics – Check, Check, and Check!

We are experienced in relocating packages of different sizes and weights, with The Netherlands remaining a popular destination for a variety of freight content. We know how to handle machinery, electrical goods, chemicals and food supplies, among many other products, in the most appropriate and safe way.

Compliant, secure and time-sensitive – trust Barrington Freight with all your road freight to The Netherlands.

Cheap Road Freight to The Netherlands

We have managed to refine the process of freight deliveries in The Netherlands, which is great news for our new and returning customers.

With a process as smooth as the Dutch landscape and an excellent working relationship with Netherlands-based partners, we can offer some of the most competitive freight rates in the UK.

From vibrant Amsterdam to picturesque Maastricht, we will get your goods there on time without burning a hole in your pocket.

The experts in quick &

cost-effective global

door-to-door delivery.

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Shipping Road Freight to The Netherlands with Us

Businesses the length and breadth of the UK are trusting our services for road freight to The Netherlands. Combining attention to detail with industry standards, we ensure your shipping will arrive in good time, and in the same excellent condition we received it in.

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Where is Holland Located?

Western Europe, bordering the North Sea, between Belgium and Germany.