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Poland FlagDid you know here at Barrington Freight, one of the lead freight forwarders in the UK, we specialise in next day delivery to Poland? With our dedicated courier vans as well as our affordable prices, there really is no reason to go anywhere else but before we divulge further into the services we can offer, let’s take a closer look at Poland itself.

Poland’s main exports include the likes of machinery and equipment as well as textiles and shoes. Their imports are mostly capital goods generally needed for manufacturing and industrial retooling such as fuels and metals. For this reason, Poland happens to be a fairly popular destination and as such, our local knowledge of the road network is excellent. The highways in Poland are described as public roads and can be grouped into four different categories however, for the most part, we find ourselves using the motorways and expressways.

The motorways and expressways are all part of a national road network. Motorways, a public road, offer limited access specifically designated for motor vehicles only and are marked with at least two lanes in each direction. These are usually equipped with roadside rest areas however, with our two-men team, these aren’t utilised all too often. Express roads are virtually the same, once again designated for motor vehicles only. With this knowledge, as you can imagine, we have the ability to map out the most efficient route to and from your polish destination.

While many companies merely offer economy groupage services to Poland, we also offer urgent and time sensitive cargo from the UK to Poland and back again. We can also do a mix of next day services as well as 48 hour/2 day services and we achieve this by offering a dedicated express courier van that travels across Europe.

We have sprinter vans quite literally waiting for your call which means should you have a last minute delivery for a Polish destination, or any other destination in Europe for that matter, we have a sprinter or luton van waiting at strategic depots up and down the UK. Our expertly trained couriers can collect from virtually any location and deliver to virtually any Polish location too.

As mentioned before, our two man teams mean each driver can enjoy the recommended amount of rest time without any delay to your express freight delivery time. This makes our dedicated express road freight vans ideal for all your urgent/fragile/time sensitive cargo. The fact of the matter is, with such short delivery times and affordable prices, why even bother considering airfreight to Poland. Your cargo need never leave the ground and still arrive quickly and efficiently to your desired destination.

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If you’re on the lookout for even cheaper courier services, then you may want to check out our single driver option providing a 48 hour/2 day delivery option via a dedicated road freight van. Our dedicated next day delivery vans from the UK to Poland are available on a daily basis at the most affordable prices, so what are you waiting for? Contact Barrington Freight today, the best in freight forwarding to Poland.

Where is Poland Located?

Poland is located in the Eastern Europe neighboring countries such as Belarus, Czechia, Germany, Lithuania & Russia