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Portugal FlagHere at Barrington Freight, UK based freight forwarders to Europe, we specialise in next day delivery to Portugal. From emergency freight to express freight, we’ve got it covered to ensure your deliveries are made on time every time.

To help us ensure we deliver your express freight to Europe as requested, it pays to know a little about Portugal’s road infrastructure, say for instance the fact that out of 3,600km of main national roads, 1,500km of motorways and high-capacity routes are financed under the public-private partnership agreements. This basically means they’re tolled, with plans now in action to ensure routes become multi free-flow electronic toll collection lanes too.

In total, Portugal has a national road network of 16,500km (give or take a mile or two) and the municipalities actually have their own road networks totaling 90,000km. The municipalities are responsible for the maintenance, upgrading and subsequent investments of all roads not included in the National Road Plan. There are also more recent plans now in action for the construction of Lisbon’s new international airport as well as a brand new road and rail bridge between Chelas and Barreiro. This will be the third crossing for Tagus and be yet another way to ensure next day delivery services to particular areas within Portugal. To make things easier for our customers, we also offer dedicated delivery by van for the more two day express freight to Portugal too.

This means if you have an urgent shipment that needs to make its way to a particular location in Portugal, we’ll be able to accommodate thanks to our dedicated express freight service by courier van. This means door-to-door, your goods will be at their desired location in less than 48 hours. We’re able to offer this with the help of our fleet of sprinter vans and luton vans. We also offer a mix of one man and two man teams ensuring a non-stop journey all the way from collection to drop-off. We’ve found this service particularly good for those who may not benefit from having a lot of notice.

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While next day deliveries like this may set you back quite a bit with other companies, here at Barrington Freight, we’re able to boast some of the most affordable prices on the market and it’s all down to our cost-effective dedicated road freight running regardless of full or part loads. When an immediate or two day service is critical, we’ve got it covered at an affordable price too.

So, if you’re looking for next day delivery to Portugal, or even express/emergency freight to Portugal and back, contact Barrington Freight and we guarantee to offer you the very highest level of service from start to finish.

Where is Portugal Located?

Situated in South Western Europe, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, west of Spain.