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Spain FlagAre you in need of next day delivery to Spain? Then call upon Barrington Freight services for all of your Spanish priority freight. What makes us the freight forwarders for you? We’d like to think it’s the fact that we offer the perfect mix of professionalism and expert knowledge of the Spanish motorway system, along with our expertise in European next day delivery. Add this is our fleet of perfectly maintained vans, lutons, trucks and lorries and you have the perfect freight forwarding company. Before we explain further about our services and vehicles available, let’s take a closer look at the motorway network in Spain itself.

Did you know the Spanish motorway network is the eleventh largest globally? As of 2013, there were 10,304 miles of what’s considered high capacity roads in Spain itself. These motorways can be divided into two main types of roads, known as autopistas and autovias. The distinction between the two is actually a historical one, with no benefit for the newer roads.

Both kinds however, are simply divided highways with a full access control. This means at least two lanes per direction with a general speed limit from anywhere between 60-120km/h or 35-75mph. Specific limits can and often do get imposed from time to time however, this all depends greatly on the road, meteorologic or even traffic conditions.

Autopistas for example are specifically reserved for automobile travel, so if you aren’t able to sustain at least 60km/h or 35mph then you’re banned from the road; this keeps traffic flowing freely.

While a great deal of autopistas are toll roads, it’s not a case for every single one however, knowing exactly where they are is a bonus when it comes to ensuring a speedy delivery. Autovias are generally the upgrades from the older roads and free from tolls too. Generally speaking, slower moving vehicles such as farm machinery and even bicycles are allowed on these roads however, there are certain restrictions. This is to ensure the flow of traffic remains steady. Autovias usually follow the same route as the original road, only deviating to avoid laying a direct route through a town.

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Knowing information like this all contributes toward us providing the most efficient next day delivery to Spain. Our fleet of modern Euroliners and mega trailer trucks offer curtain sides and sliding roofs to allows overhead loading. We also have trucks with tail lift facilities should the pick up and drop off locations lack the necessary handling facilities. Our sprinter vans and luton vans have been made available for short notice dedicated next day deliveries along with urgent/time critical deliveries to Spain and back again.

For all of your European express freight delivery needs, simply call Barrington Freight. We’re the expert European couriers offering you our services to collect from any location in Britain and delivery to almost any location in Spain. We can offer these services within our 24 hour and 48 hours services. So what are you waiting for? Contact Barrington Freight today, the expert freight forwarders for all of your next day delivery services to Spain.

Where is Spain Located?

Spain is in South Western Europe, with coasts on the Bay of Biscay, Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. It lies southwest of France and Andorra across the Pyrenees Mountains.