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Switzerland FlagAre you in need of professional, next day delivery to Switzerland? Then you need look no further than ourselves here at Barrington Freight, lead freight forwarders to Europe and back. Barrington Freight have been carrying out delivery services to Switzerland for quite some time now and as a result, have become very knowledgeable when it comes to travelling in and out of Switzerland.

Known as Autobahns in Germany, AutoRoutes in France and Autostrades in Italy; however, all of these names in addition to Autostradas make up the names used nationally for freeways or motorways in Switzerland. Two of the most important and perhaps densely used freeways are the A1 which runs from St Margrethen in the north east of Switzerland through to Geneva in the south west as well as the A2, running from Basel in the north west part of Switzerland through to Chiasso in the very south of Switzerland which borders Italy.

Swiss motorways have a general speed limit of around 120km/h or 75mph and if your vehicle is unable to reach a minimum of 80km/h or 50mph then you’re banned from using them.

In total, the Swiss autobahn or AutoRoute as they’re sometimes known are made of a whopping 1,763 kilometres, that’s roughly 1,095 miles. Switzerland is also home of one of the highest motorway densities in the entire world, with a huge number of tunnels amongst it’s motorway network, totalling around 200 tunnels, of which make up roughly 220 kilometres, or 140 miles.

Despite its immense size, the Swiss Autobahn/AutoRoute network is yet to be completed which means they’ll soon be further freeways for us to travel upon, no doubt lowering travel time even further. In order to travel within the Swiss road network, we also require vignette, which is a toll sticker. Trucks such as our larger 18 tonne lorries however, have to pay a toll based on tonnage and distance also.

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While the notion, for some, of next day delivery to Switzerland may seem inconceivable, we’re here to tell you otherwise. Thanks to our dedicated sprinter vans, we’re able to offer a professional and fully reliable next day delivery service for all freight heading from the UK to Switzerland and back. Subject to Swiss customs clearance, we’re able to arrange collection and delivery right across the UK and Switzerland with local Swiss delivery partners operating across the 26 cantons (otherwise known as districts) including Liechtenstein.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, we also have a 48hour/2 day service too, on top of our bespoke delivery services, which can be arranged especially for your consignments. From Zurich to Geneva, Basel to Lausanne, Saint Gallen to Thun; here at Barrington Freight we’re able to offer you next day delivery to almost anywhere in Switzerland. So what are you waiting for? Contact the number one freight forwarders in the UK today for all of the Swiss delivery needs.

Where is Switzerland Located?

Switzerland is landlocked in Central Europe, lying east of France and north of Italy; its eastern borders are with Liechtenstein and Austria, and the northern border is with Germany.