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At Barrington Freight, we have the skills and experience necessary to make all British exports from the mainland to Belgium proceed in as efficient a manner as possible. As freight forwarding experts, we deal with pallet deliveries from UK suppliers to their Belgian customers every day of the week. We also deal with palletised imports from Belgium to the UK. Over the many years we have been operating, we have handled countless palletised deliveries to and from the UK and Belgium. As such,  we can look after all of your firm’s requirements, too. Given that the repercussions of the UK’s departure from the European Union’s trading bloc mean that all British exports and imports need to be handled carefully, why trust your palletised goods to anyone other than the professionals at Barrington Freight?

Located in Western Europe, Belgium borders the North Sea which means it can be reached directly from the UK with roll-on/roll-off ferry services. Since the country also sits between France and the Netherlands, it is also possible to make pallet deliveries efficiently via ports in those countries, such as Rotterdam or Dunkirk. Indeed, Belgium’s location, alongside Luxembourg and Germany, means that it is ideal for UK exporters who want to get their stock onto the continent and into the EU ready for onward despatch to many countries in Western Europe. Overall, it should be remembered that all of the neighboring countries, including the UK, make Belgium a bustling place for both trade and logistical distribution. That said, with a strong economy in its own right, Belgium possesses a high level of demand for both imports and exports due to its many fast-moving industries.

This is why Barrington Freight’s help can be so effective when shipping goods to Belgium from the UK. We can not only deal with the logistics of getting palletised goods to places like Liège, Brussels and Charleroi rapidly but we can also arrange for goods to be collected and returned to the UK, if wanted, as well. Indeed, as one of the UK’s premier freight forwarding firms, we are here to offer our wealth of experience as specialists in pallet deliveries to and from Belgium. Even better, our operations team can provide flexible delivery options to suit you and your Belgian customers. As such, whether you need to dispatch a small pallet or a larger consignment on multiple pallets, the professionals at Barrington Freight will make sure there are no unnecessary delays.

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The good news for British export firms is that Belgium is well connected to the UK. Firstly, shipments can be made by lorries or vans directly to Belgium via the port of Zeebrugge. This port gives almost direct access to the famous Belgian city of Bruges and offers a convenient way of reaching both Antwerp – via the E34 trunk route – and Ghent – via the A40. With major roads and motorway networks connecting all of the major population centres in the country, destinations like Cologne in Germany are only about three and a half hours away by road. Maastricht, in the southern Netherlands, is even closer at a little over two and a half hours away from Zeebrugge.

As such, the superb road connections in and out of the country mean that swift exports exist throughout the entire country. Even better, Zeebrugge isn’t the only port that British exporters can use to get their palletised goods into the heart of Belgium. Shipping pallets to Rotterdam would only mean an onward road journey of about an hour and twenty minutes to get to a big Belgian city like Antwerp, for example. Calais is only about 50 minutes by road to the Belgian border with France while Dunkirk is even closer. 

As such, we can arrange for multiple different routes to be used when shipping pallets to Belgium from the UK. Sometimes, the route chosen will come down to where in the UK the goods need to be collected from. Sometimes, it will be because of where in Belgium they need to be delivered to. There again, it is often a choice that comes down to something as simple as avoiding previously unforeseen events and adapting the plan with a back-up option so that the pallets being delivered always arrive in Belgium on time.

Please note that the various services on offer from Barrington Freight allow for multiple types of pallet deliveries to be conducted. For example, we handle both wooden and plastic pallet shipments. Our operations team can also handle direct deliveries as well as groupage shipments for you. With one of our groupage services from the UK to Belgium, your individual pallet will be consolidated among other ones heading to Belgium, usually with those heading to the same city or close to it. This means that the cost of ferrying your pallet over the English Channel or the North Sea will be much less since the payment is spread out among several exporters. Even more importantly, one truck can be used, helping to lower the carbon footprint of the delivery as well as its monetary cost.

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Pallet Deliveries to Belgium and Customs Clearances

Because HMRC or UK Border Force will inspect all goods being shipped to the EU these days, it is important to have palletised goods properly declared before they arrive in Hull, Dover or wherever else they are departing the country from. Many palletised goods only receive a cursory inspection when they’re part of a lorry shipment boarding a roll-on/roll-off ferry. However, if the customs declarations have not been made correctly in advance, then delays are inevitable. So, if you’re looking for express pallet deliveries to Belgium and don’t want hold-ups en route, then our expertise as customs clearance agents and as freight forwarders will be invaluable. Contact our dedicated team of professionals in both of these fields of exports and logistics to find out about how we can improve your firm’s pallet shipments to and from Belgium.

Where Is Belgium?

Belgium is located in Western Europe. The Benelux country faces the North Sea, sharing land borders with France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany.

Where is Belgium Located?

Belgium is in Western Europe, bordering the North Sea, between France and the Netherlands. It also borders Luxembourg and Germany