International Pallet Delivery to Czech Republic

At Barrington Freight, we are one of the foremost freight forwarding firms operating in the UK offering services to and from the Czech Republic. Not only do we handle palletised consignments to all parts of Europe, but we also have particular expertise in shipping goods to and from the Czech Republic in a quick and effective manner, too. We will handle every step of your goods’ journey from your depot or production facility in the UK to make sure that they will arrive with your customer on time. The same goes for importing firms that want rapid pallet deliveries from the Czech Republic to the UK, as well.

Given that ensuring a seamless and rapid delivery is important for all UK exporters and importers regardless of whether they ship regularly to or from the Czech Republic or not, turning to us for our professional expertise will save time, effort and money. Why run the risk of letting your Czech clients down with a slow or poorly handled delivery when we can take care of one or multiple palletised shipments on your behalf?

The Czech Republic may be better known in the UK for its historic cities which are full of stunning architecture and beautiful landmarks but it is also an increasingly popular place for British firms to do business. Yes, the Czech Republic, especially its capital city of Prague, is a centre for tourism but international business links exist with the UK throughout the country. As such, using our expert services makes a great deal of sense when sending or receiving palletised goods via other parts of the country, such as Brno, Liberec or Ostrava, to name but a few regional hubs for commerce.

Effective Shipping to the Czech Republic from the UK

It is important to note that Barrington Freight offers fast pallet groupage shipments to the Czech Republic on a daily basis. Of course, we can arrange for a door to door delivery with a dedicated service if that is what you want for your pallet or pallets. However, with our groupage service, UK exporters will benefit from even lower costs because much of the expenditure needed to get the pallets to their final destination will be shared. We will arrange for your pallet to be sent to the Czech Republic alongside others going to similar destinations. This way, exporting goods by pallet to the Czech Republic could be much cheaper than you had thought.

What’s more, return journeys from the Czech Republic give us the opportunity to arrange for low-cost palletised imports, as well. This is a good thing to know if you have suppliers in the country as well as customers, of course. In either direction, we will be in constant contact with our fleet of vehicles so that your particular consignment can be tracked. We will re-route any shipment that looks like it might be heading for a delay on the road by also constantly monitoring the traffic situation in Central Europe.

Please note that the standard pallet sizes we ship from the UK to the Czech Republic are 120 by 100 centimetres or smaller, 120 by 80, versions. We can deal with both plastic and wooden pallets as well as printers pallets, if desired. Our drivers will collect your goods from anywhere in the UK. We are able to do this fast because of our extensive network of facilities up and down the country. As such, your goods could be collected and already be on their way to the Czech Republic within a matter of hours in some cases. For the most time-sensitive deliveries from the UK to the Czech Republic, our daily truck and trailer services are often the best option but we can also arrange air freight on request.

That said, most palletised deliveries to the Czech Republic will make their way to continental Europe via ports in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium or northern France. We’ll select the ferry route that makes the most sense given the pick up location of the goods. Given Germany’s high-quality road network, getting goods from Western Europe to locations in the Czech Republic is fast and effective.

Ensure Your Palletised Delivery to the Czech Republic Clears Customs First Time

British exporters must make customs declarations when they ship items to any European Union member state these days. This means that customs clearance agents are all but essential for most companies that wish to ensure they comply with all of the paperwork regulations. If you process your own customs clearance paperwork, then you will always run the risk that your pallet may be held up in the UK before it can board a ferry service to Europe. Remember that both UK and EU customs officials will need to be satisfied before your goods can make their onward journey to the Czech Republic. Usefully, we can act as customs clearance agents for you as well as freight forwarders so don’t hesitate to ask us about procuring both these services with us.

Send Palletised Goods to the Czech Republic Reliably With Barrington Freight

Barrington Freight is one of the most widely respected UK freight forwarders providing frequent pallet delivery services to the Czech Republic today. With us, you will be able to ensure that your goods are delivered in a timely manner as well as at a highly competitive rate. Our fleet of vehicles are geared up for palletised goods of all kinds. Even better, our highly skilled team members have many years of experience with deliveries to this part of Europe to call upon. This means that we can devise the most economical delivery routes to the Czech Republic without compromising on speed. Feel free to contact our expert operations team today and ask us to provide you with a free quotation so you can see for yourself just how cost-effective our services are.

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Where Is the Czech Republic Situated?

The Czech Republic – or Czechia as it is often now called – is located in the central part of Europe. A landlocked state, it borders Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia, the country the Czech Republic once formed the western half of Czechoslovakia with.

Where is Czech Republic Located?

The Czech Republic is in Central Europe, between GermanyPolandSlovakia, and Austria