Finland has a highly industrialised economy, with a strong dependency on manufacturing. This is what has made business ties with UK companies flourish over the last decade. Although not an EU state, the country does enjoy seamless trade with the UK, something which has benefitted all sides. This trade requires cargo shipping – and that is where Barrington Freight enters the fold.

Getting to Finland requires our drivers to travel through a minimum of four countries. The road links between the UK and Finland remain seamless throughout the journey, with plenty of alternative options if issues were to arise. We have local knowledge of all the countries we pass through, which allow us to offer a quick turnaround for your pallet delivery to Finland. Our extensive experience as a top UK freight forwarder means your cargo is always in good hands.

Sending Pallets to Finland with Barrington Freight Delivery

One of the reasons we are so efficient when transporting your pallet to Finland is because of our experience. We have years of understanding when it comes to international transport routes, and always stay up to date on road works and planned road closures. This means we can come up with timely alternative routes, so your pallet is never delayed.

We also have our vans stationed at depots around the UK, meaning we can quickly pick up your pallet on the same day. We continually make progress on your delivery while safeguarding our employees’ safety and welfare. We obsess over the small details, because we also understand that business deliveries can be time sensitive. For a safe and swift service, no matter what the destination, always choose Barrington Freight.

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Where is Finland Located?

Finland is in Scandinavia, Northern Europe; bordering the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, and Gulf of Finland, between Sweden and Russia and with Northern Norway to its north.