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Despite being close to the UK, many British firms do not find it straightforward to organise a pallet delivery to or from French clients, especially in the post-Brexit trading environment. However, when you turn to specialists in this sort of logistical planning, like Barrington Freight, the whole process of ensuring France-bound pallets arrive quickly and cost-effectively becomes much, much simpler. The same goes when you need a shipment from France to arrive in the UK rapidly, too, of course. This is because we handle multiple pallet shipments to and from France all the time. We know the best routes, offer the most streamlined services and have the localised knowledge that is sometimes needed to avoid the congestion that occurs on the French road network from time to time. In short, at Barrington Freight, we can take care of all your palletised goods as they make their way to and from France and even further afield into continental Europe.

As members of the British International Freight Association, we know that it is crucial for the lifeblood of many trading firms to maintain good business relationships with French firms and multinationals based in France. This often comes down to how reliable, or otherwise, your shipments to France from the UK are. French customers will soon look at sourcing their goods from suppliers outside of the UK if they feel let down. Why run this risk when Barrington Freight is here to organise safe, secure and rapid pallet deliveries to France for you?

The professionals in our operations team have a great deal of experience working as UK freight forwarders shipping goods throughout France. We deal with long transit pallet deliveries to the South of France including cities like Montpelier, Marseilles and Toulon as well as shorter journeys to places such as Lille, Rouen or Nantes. We offer frequent service to eastern France for shipments to Strasbourg, Nancy or Metz, for example, or you can call on us to arrange for your pallets to arrive in the west of the country in places like Poitiers, Bordeaux or La Rochelle. Wherever your deliveries need to get to or goods need to be picked up from, our exemplary route planning service will mean they arrive in the most efficient manner possible, ideal for any exporting or importing firm that wants to keep trading with French clientele.

Despatch a Pallet to France Rapidly With Barrington Freight

At Barrington Freight, we’ve altered and improved our pallet delivery service to France over the years to forge it into something truly exceptional. Not only do we make it simple to arrange the pick up of your goods and to transport them to any destination in France, but we also maintain close contact with our drivers. Whether your pallet is down for an express delivery direct to your customer or has been sent as part of a groupage service, we can check on its progress and take any necessary action to avoid potential delays before they even occur. This way, the expected time frame for a pallet shipment to France can be met every time without letting anyone down.

Furthermore, we deal with all of the standard pallets in operation today. It doesn’t matter whether you or your customer prefers plastic or wooden pallets, printers pallets or Euro pallets – we handle them all with just the same speed and efficiency. Because we have a large network of depots across the UK, you can book a delivery service to France with us and we can be with you to load your pallet(s) within a matter of hours in many cases. With your goods loaded, we’ll then choose the fastest route into France possible whether that is using the Channel Tunnel or one of the many ferry services that connect the UK to northern France.

Don’t Suffer Border Delays Thanks to Barrington Freight’s Customs Clearance Expertise

As well as operating as freight forwarders, Barrington Freight offers a comprehensive customs clearance service. All goods being shipped from the UK to France must be accompanied by paperwork declaring what class of commodity they are. This must match the information that’s previously been given on HMRC’s export declaration system. Many firms suffer unnecessary delays due to problems with their customs clearance forms. However, we can deal with this for you and ensure your goods are not held up getting into France and their onward transit is unhindered by bureaucracy.

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As one of the most sought-after freight forwarding in the UK, the operations team at Barrington Freight is dedicated to offering outstanding levels of customer service and superb delivery times when shipping palletised cargo to France. Our systems allow us to ensure every pallet will arrive at its destination in the same condition that it left in. 

Please note that we deal with all sorts of pallet deliveries to France for all sorts of exporting firms. As such, we won’t turn you down because you only have a single pallet that needs to be delivered. Equally, we can handle much larger consignments of multiple pallets heading to different destinations in France. Rely on the experience and logistical know-how of Barrington Freight to improve your business relationships with French clients and never suffer from a mislaid or late delivery to France again.

We offer free quotations to any firm that is seeking a pallet delivery to France from the UK. With no commitment to proceed unless you choose to do so, why not contact our approachable operations team today? We think you will be impressed by the pricing structure for palletised deliveries throughout France whether your customers are in Paris, Toulouse, Lyon or Nice.

Where is France?

France is one of the largest countries in Western Europe. The frontiers of the republic stretch from the English Channel in the north to the Mediterranean Sea in the south. To the west of France is the North Atlantic Ocean. From the peninsula to the southern border with Spain, it is the Bay of Biscay that makes up much of the coastline of France. To the east, France shares land borders with Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Its southern border is shared between Spain and Andorra.

Where is France Located?

France is in Western Europe, stretching from the Bay of Biscay and English Channel to the Mediterranean Sea, lying south-east of the UK between Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Italy.