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Germany is one of the most important countries in Europe for trade given the size of both its population and its economy. As such, many UK businesses have very strong trade ties with this location in the heart of continental Europe. With this in mind, it couldn’t be more important to preserve your positive working relationships with German companies by ensuring reliable and timely delivery services for pallets to Germany. That’s where Barrington Freight is able to help notwithstanding the rule changes that have come in for commercial consignments of all kinds following the UK’s departure from the European Union.

With our team’s impressive knowledge of Germany and the European continent, paired with our advanced logistics and planning services, Barrington Freight can find the best routes and the most impressive deals to benefit you and your business. We always aim to ensure that any pallet delivery to Germany is handled professionally. It is worth knowing that we are also a top UK freight forwarding firm, so you can have complete confidence when you choose us as your number one freight service to Europe whether you need a pallet delivery to Germany or a larger amount of cargo to be conveyed on your behalf.

How to Send a Pallet Delivery to Germany With Barrington Freight

With our convenient pallet delivery to Germany service, it has never been easier to move smaller consignments to anywhere in the country. We have a range of specialised vehicles at our disposal including cranes and forklifts to make sure that we can offer you the fastest and most affordable way of getting palletised bulk items to your chosen destination safely and on time.

Virtually every kind of order can be palletised these days, allowing for a simpler shipping solution with effective packing in shipping containers. In turn, this will allow your goods and products to reach their final destination on time, so you can stay on schedule and keep your customers happy. Of course, a key part of sending a pallet to Germany from the UK nowadays is about ensuring that post-Brexit delays do not occur and that German customers still feel confident in placing orders with British suppliers. Why risk your pallet delivery to Germany arriving later than it should do when the experts at

Barrington Freight can ensure a swift arrival time throughout all of central Europe?

At Barrington Freight, our operations team is proud to offer the most effective, reliable and speedy solutions for pallet delivery from Germany to the UK and from the UK to Germany. Our vans are within radio contact around the clock, so you can rest assured that both your German exports and your imports will be fully trackable wherever on the German road network they might be. Indeed, we have two-person driver teams so that continuous driving is possible for even faster deliveries to or from Germany. That’s why you can have complete confidence when sending pallets to Germany with our professional and comprehensive freight forwarding service.

Make Sure That Your Pallet Deliveries Are Not Delayed at the Border

Because Germany and the UK are now in separate trading blocs, there are no customs waivers for goods being sent to the country. Although Germany does have some large ports including Bremerhaven, Duisberg and Rostock, most palletised freight does not enter the country through any of these. Even the Port of Hamburg which lies upriver on the Elbe doesn’t see a great deal of cargo coming directly from the UK. Instead, the majority of shipments to Germany from UK suppliers will be sent from the South Coast of England crossing into northern France or Belgium. Either way, customs officials will need to confirm that all commercial goods being sent to Germany are correct as they cross the border. Typically, this will mean a physical check at Calais, Dunkirk or somewhere similar. However, a pallet delivery to Germany from the UK will not simply be checked to ensure it contains legally permitted goods because its accompanying paperwork will also be inspected.

Any British company that is exporting commercial goods to Germany – whether they are being sent to the country by pallet or otherwise – needs to be registered with an EORI number to do so. The same goes for importers of German-made goods and raw materials. EORI registration means being able to get past HMRC checks but you will still need to have documentation that is suitable for the purposes of EU customs officers. For many firms, especially those without much experience in sending goods to overseas markets, this work will be best completed by an EU-accredited customs clearance agency. Fortunately, Barrington Freight operates as both a customs clearance agency and a freight forwarding firm under one roof. In short, you can ask us to provide both services.

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We are justly proud to be among the leading freight companies in the UK specialising in pallet deliveries to Germany. As such, you can depend on Barrington Freight to make sure that your pallets arrive in Germany in perfect condition and in a timely manner. We can even arrange for transit insurance if you think your consignment might need it, something that may be worth exploring if you have particularly high-value items you want to send to your German customer base. Whatever the size of your order, we will be happy to help you out and to make sure that your company’s reputation and strong business network can stay intact even with all the rules and regulations that now exist at the border between the UK and the EU.

Contact our expert team now and get your no-obligation quote. We look forward to helping you to get your pallets and freight moving from the UK to Germany soon.

Where is Germany Located?

Germany is in Central Europe, facing the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. It lies south of Denmark, to the west of Poland and the Czech Republic. It is northwest of Austria and north of Switzerland. The western border of Germany is shared with France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Where is Germany Located?

Germany is in Central Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea and the North Sea: it lies south of Denmark, to the west of Poland and the Czech Republic, north-west of Austria, north of Switzerland, north-east of France, and east of Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands.