International Pallet Delivery to Holland

Organising a pallet delivery to Holland has never been easier than now thanks to Barrington Freight. We deal with palletised deliveries all over the Netherlands and can help to ensure that British businesses do not miss out on trade with customers all over the country. In fact, Holland is just one constituent part of the Netherlands, much of it making up the closest part of the country to the UK as the crow flies. That’s why so many British people use the term ‘Holland’ and ‘Netherlands’ interchangeably, of course. Helpfully, at Barrington Freight we understand these cultural nuances when UK firms have a pallet delivery to Holland they need organising, even if the ultimate destination happens to be outside of Holland and elsewhere in the country, such as Eindhoven, for example. In short, you can trust us with any pallet delivery to the Netherlands whether it is intended for the Dutch provinces of North Holland, South Holland or anywhere else.

Located in the heart of northwestern Europe, the Netherlands is a country that is renowned for its flat landscapes, tulip fields and beautiful canals. This marks the country out as something of a hotspot for tourism. Holland, however, is not only a hub for tourism but also for local and international trade, as well. For example, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the third-busiest air hub in Europe is located in North Holland while South Holland contains the country’s most populous city in the form of Rotterdam.

With both Holland provinces being so economically important to the country, many businesses in the UK – and further afield – trade with firms in the Netherlands that are located there. This means that they will often want to send goods and require a pallet delivery to Holland. Barrington Freight offers such services at affordable rates. Moreover, as a leading UK freight forwarder, we do not compromise on the quality of our service, the efficiency of delivery or the protection of your cargo whether you are sending a single pallet or a much larger consignment made up of several of them.

Pallet shipping to Holland from the UK with Barrington Freight

When sending a pallet to Holland, our dedicated team will make sure you obtain a seamless and efficient service every time. Such a long journey is only made possible by our rigorous attention to detail and meticulous planning of the route. Often, pallet deliveries to Holland from the UK will be sent via the French ports at Calais or Dunkirk or sometimes through the Channel Tunnel. This means that onward transportation to the Netherlands will be conducted by road, typically via the E40 trunk route that passes through northern France and Belgium.

However, the Netherlands also has its own seaports that are ready to handle roll on-roll off transportation, too. There are three direct shipping routes for vans and trucks to make use of. The Newcastle to Amsterdam (Ijmuiden) route operates seven sailings per week while shipments to Rotterdam can be sent via Hull seven times a week, as well. The third option is Harwich to Hook of Holland, a route that has 14 sailings most weeks. As such, choosing the fastest and most cost-effective route will often depend on where you – or your goods – are and the location in the Netherlands that you need us to arrange a pallet delivery for.

Helpfully, our fleet of modern trucks allows us to cater to larger delivery requirements and to transport your pallet as quickly as possible, without compromising on your cargo’s safety. After many years of sending pallets to Holland, we know the most efficient routes through Europe and into the Netherlands. Indeed, we can even arrange for multi-drop deliveries to be made on your behalf throughout Holland and the rest of the country including its neighbours, such as France, Germany and Luxembourg.

We are not limited to sending only pallets to Holland either. We can also help to arrange deliveries of cargo that will not necessarily fit onto pallets. At Barrington Freight, our operations team works across the globe to ensure that UK businesses stay connected and continue to work with partners in all corners of the world. For any service, no matter the size of the consignment, Barrington Freight is on hand to help your business grow and reach your customers, both in Holland and outside of it.

Organise a Pallet Delivery to Holland With Customs Clearance

Whether you want pallet delivery to Holland to go directly or through France and Belgium, it will be entering the European Union’s customs union area. This will mean it will have to be inspected by EU customs officers as it enters the trading bloc. Although physical inspections won’t necessarily take long at the border, customs officials will always take longer and could potentially impound your goods unless your export documentation is in good order. Since the UK left the EU, this is now mandatory because Britain is viewed as a third-party trading nation.

To help British exporters serving clients in Holland and the rest of the country, Barrington Freight can combine its freight forwarding expertise with high-quality customs clearance work. We have the necessary licenses to deal with customs officers around the world, including those in the EU. As such, we will make sure you have prepared your pallet’s documentation so that it faces no unnecessary delays at the border. By combining these two services with us, it can make for a more streamlined operation as well as helping your firm to benefit from an economy of scale since this is the sort of work we undertake all the time.

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Where is Holland Located?

Situated in western Europe and bordering the North Sea, Holland is on the north-western part of the Netherlands, between Belgium and Germany.

Where is Holland Located?

Western Europe, bordering the North Sea, between Belgium and Germany.