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As proud members of the British International Freight Association, Barrington Freight can handle all aspects of a professional freight pallet shipment between the UK and Latvia on your behalf. Since 2004, when Latvia became a member state of the European Union, trade relations between Great Britain and the Baltic state have grown significantly. The trade ties between Latvia and the UK continue to be strong even now the UK has left the EU and is no longer a part of the trading bloc. That’s why there is such a demand for reliable palletised delivery services between the UK and Latvia today. At Barrington Freight, we arrange for numerous pallet deliveries to be made in Latvia, picking up consignments from all corners of the British Isles before sending them eastward. We also offer exemplary delivery services for UK importers who want palletised goods collected in Latvia and sent directly to the British Isles.

With three major ports on the Baltic Sea, including one of the busiest in the entire region, there is no shortage of options when deciding to send palletised goods to Latvia from the UK. Our operations team’s in-depth local knowledge means that we can organise deliveries to Latvia that are sent via Germany, Finland or Sweden depending on how many drops will be needed en route. When express services are called for, our UK shipments to Latvia can be sent across the English Channel to ports in northern France and Belgium. Other potential crossings involve those to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Whichever crossing is selected, we will work hard to ensure the onward road journey to Latvia is completed fast and without incident. Typically, this will involve journeys across Germany and Poland to reach Latvia via Lithuania.

Because we have a well-deserved reputation as a professionally run freight forwarding firm in the UK, it means that all of the palletised freight to and from Latvia will be fully managed throughout its journey. We will monitor the real-time traffic situation in all of the countries your goods will pass through and re-route our drivers accordingly should a faster option become available. Frequently, the German Autobahn network and the onward journey through Poland and Lithuania via the E67 trunk route provides rapid transit with few issues. As such, our pallet deliveries to Latvia from the UK are both dependable and cost-effective. The same goes for inbound shipments of pallets from Latvia to the UK, of course, because we take just as much care with imports as we do with exports.

Send Palletised Goods to Latvia Reliably With Barrington Freight

We use specialist vehicles at Barrington Freight which means loading and unloading palletised goods can occur quickly and safely. Whether we are shipping a single pallet to Latvia on your behalf or you have a much larger consignment of several pallets you would like us to handle, we will take great care to ensure that your goods arrive in the same condition they left your warehouse in. What’s more, we can cope with all sorts of different pallet types including Euro pallets, printers pallets, plastic pallets and those made from wood.

Shipping pallets to Latvia with Barrington Freight represents a cost-effective and speedy way of getting bulkier items to their intended destination without any undue delays. Please note that this means getting pallets to all locations in Latvia on time, not just the largest commercial centres, like Riga. At Barrington Freight, we handle palletised deliveries to places like Liepaja, Rezekne, Daugavpils and Valmiera, as well. As such, it doesn’t matter where your customers happen to be located – you will always receive the same high-quality service from us.

Indeed, it is worth noting that our pallet shipping service to Latvia is among the most effective in the logistics industry today. We won’t just provide you with a fast and dependable solution for transporting pallets to Latvia, but maintain 24/7 contact with our van and truck drivers, too. This means that we can trace the progress of all our services. Indeed, with our two-driver teams working together, we can ensure continuous driving is maintained for the very fastest delivery times possible. For those who have less time-sensitive deliveries to make to Latvia, then we can offer groupage services, too, a very cost-effective option indeed. Simply by combining your pallet delivery with others that are making their way to similar addresses in Latvia, you can save a great deal with groupage.

Ensure Your Palletised Goods Are Not Delayed When Shipping to Latvia

Because Latvia is in the EU, all goods being sent there from the UK must comply with the relevant customs regulations. In short, this means that British exporters must make customs declarations for any shipment that is leaving the mainland UK for Latvia regardless of whether it will arrive directly in the country or be transported through other EU member states. To get this right and ensure customs officials on either side of the border do not hold up the progress of your goods, Barrington Freight offers a first-rate customs clearance service. Unlike many freight forwarders in the UK, we offer this service within the same operations team rather than using third parties. This makes combining the two types of service more efficient. Why not enquire about our customs clearance agency work when booking a pallet delivery to Latvia? Doing so could save your firm lots of time and effort by avoiding undue problems at the border.

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Barrington Freight is among the top shipping and freight forwarding companies operating in the UK today. As such, British firms can place their trust in us to ensure their pallets to Latvia arrive in good order and on time. Feel free to get in touch with our knowledgeable operations team to ask any questions you may have about direct pallet deliveries to Latvia or groupage services. We will be only too pleased to help you with your road freight requirements to Latvia and the rest of eastern Europe with superb levels of customer service and competitive pricing.

Where Is Latvia in Europe?

Latvia is known as one of the so-called Baltic states because it faces the Baltic Sea in northeastern Europe. Sharing land borders with both Estonia and Lithuania, Latvia also has a frontier with Russia, directly to the east, and Belarus to the south.

Where is Latvia Located?

Latvia is in Eastern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea, between Estonia and Lithuania to the north and south respectively; Russia lies directly to the east, and Belarus to the south east.