International Pallet Delivery to Spain

We provide first-class pallet deliveries to and from Spain and Britain at Barrington Freight. Any firm that wants to export or import goods, samples and components to or from Spanish firms will find that our operations team has the experience and know-how on offer to provide a speedy and economical service. We deliver to destinations all over Spain, including large cities in the north, such as Barcelona and Bilbao as well as the south, including Murcia and Seville, to name but two examples. We can handle shipments of multiple pallets to Spain as well as one-off pallets. Indeed, we deal with all pallet types, as well, so it doesn’t matter to us whether your consignment is on a Euro pallet, a wooden one or a plastic one. Whatever your pallet delivery requirements are from the UK to Spain, we are here to ensure an unproblematic and cost-effective solution.

Given that Spain has been among the UK’s most important trading partners both before Brexit and after the country’s departure from the European Union, many businesses find that they need to send or receive a pallet from there on a fairly frequent basis. Indeed, with so much produced in Spain that British consumers want – much of it perishable items that are time-sensitive – it is not just deliveries to the Iberian peninsula that many UK firms are looking for but import arrangements, too. Helpfully, Barrington Freight is well versed in organising pallet deliveries from the British Isles to Spain and vice versa. Indeed, we can organise the delivery of your goods to a Spanish client and arrange for a collection on your behalf from a supplier in Spain for the return journey, if wanted.

Thanks to our cost-effective and efficient pallet shipping solutions, British-based firms couldn’t find a more convenient or economical way to despatch a pallet to Spain, safe in the knowledge that it will arrive at its intended destination in a timely manner. This is the case whether you want a dedicated service that will mean your pallet is sent from door to door directly or you would like an even more cost-effective business solution, such as groupage. 

At Barrington Freight, our groupage deliveries to and from Spain help to save money because several different consignments will be grouped together resulting in a straightforward economy of scale. Given there are so many pallets being sent back and forth between the UK and Spain all the time, grouping them often means very little delay compared to even a dedicated express service. Why not discuss the various pallet delivery options we can put forward to you with our operations team today?

Arrange Your Pallet Delivery to Spain With Barrington Freight

Because we offer an in-depth level of knowledge of the geographical layout of the Spanish road network, we can help to make sure that your goods are never held up in congested areas. We monitor all of the arterial routes in the country and plan alternative options for our drivers if jams are detected. We also possess similar knowledge and analysis of Spain’s ports so that the best entry points into the country can be used. Plymouth ferry services cross the Bay of Biscay to Santander in northern Spain frequently. We may also route your pallet from Portsmouth because it offers direct connections to both Bilbao and Santander.

Of course, because Spain has a land border with France, the other principal option is to drive your pallet to a British port and have it access cross-Channel service so it can continue its onward journey south via Calais, Cherbourg, Roscoff or St Malo. The A63 is a popular route for vans and lorries to make their way to Spain via the French city of Bordeaux, for example. There again, pallets that are intended for eastern and central Spain may well make their way across the Pyrenees via Perpignan on the A9. Whichever crossing is selected for a palletised consignment to Spain from the UK, we will monitor its progress and be able to provide frequent updates. That’s what you should expect of one of the top UK freight forwarding firms operating today, of course.

Rest assured that when you choose Barrington Freight to organise your pallet delivery to Spain, your goods will be in safe hands. Our drivers are experienced professionals who know what they are doing. Indeed, we operate a fleet of specialist trucks to support our drivers. What this means for you is that our pallet shipping service to Spain is among the fastest and least costly ways of guaranteeing bulk items will arrive on time every time. We can even arrange for air freight on your behalf for the most time-sensitive pallet deliveries from the UK to Spain.

Clear Customs Reliably When Sending Goods to Spain

As freight forwarders, Barrington Freight can operate as your customs clearance agent, as well. If you do not do your own customs clearance work in-house and are looking for experienced agents who know exactly what to do with export declarations, then we offer a complete solution. As customs clearance specialists, we can combine this service with our freight forwarding under one roof so that the entire process is handled on your behalf. Remember that exported goods leaving the UK for an EU nation, whether they will arrive in Spain directly or via a third country, such as France, must comply with HMRC’s rules as well as having the correct paperwork to satisfy EU customs officers. Why not let us take care of this for you the next time you are shipping a pallet to Spain?

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Where Is Spain?

Spain lies in the southwestern-most part of Europe. Its northern coast faces the Bay of Biscay while its eastern and southern coasts are on the Mediterranean Sea. Beyond the Straits of Gibraltar, it also has a section of coastline on the North Atlantic Ocean. Spain borders France and Andorra in the north and Portugal in the west.

Where is Spain Located?

Spain is in South Western Europe, with coasts on the Bay of Biscay, Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. It lies southwest of France and Andorra across the Pyrenees Mountains.