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Europe FlagOften imitated, but never beaten, Barrington Freight are experts in freight to Europe by truck and van. We always deliver! Shipping business-to-business, we transport your road freight cargo from the UK to the European Union – and beyond!

We carry business / commercial cargo only UK to / from Europe. For personal goods, house moves and car shipping we recommend our partners Anglo Pacific

Combining 50 years of experience in haulage to Europe, our professional team are here to help – road freight to Europe (and return) is our business! Since the days of closed borders and customs documents for every single country, we have seen many changes for the good – opening of borders within the EU and EuroTunnel, to name but two. Trading with European neighbours is now as simple as a delivery down the road – shipping cargo from UK to Europe or back is “easy as” with Barrington Freight.

Another factor in the “success story” of European freight is the humble euro / uk standard pallet; pallets to Europe (or back) are the mainstay of efficient road freighting, beloved by all freight forwarders to Europe. Standardisation on 120×80 and 120×100 centimetre base pallets revolutionised cost-effective loading of shipping containers and road freight alike, allowing most economical use of available capacity. This realises cheap pallet delivery services for you, especially if your palletised goods are stackable; regardless, we have great international shipping rates for ALL pallet haulage to Europe – whether wooden pallets, plastic pallets, oversized pallets, printers pallets, or even cages or skids or stillages.

If you have a small shipment of groupage to say Paris, or a part load of ten pallets for export or import to or from Barcelona, a full load of road freight to Dusseldorf, or an urgent next day delivery to Milan, even heavy difficult or unusual haulage to Hanover, we will ship your European freight hassle free – we have the experience and local knowledge to exceed your expectations. We are, put quite simply, the “best choice” freight forwarder to Europe!

Next Day Services for Urgent Express Freight to Europe

When you need an urgent delivery “there, like yesterday”: look no further than Barrington Express Freight to Europe. We have a range of carrier options, depending on distance, all of which are guaranteed to get there “next day” across Europe. Other European haulage and transport companies may offer next day services to selected locations, but don’t be fooled by cheap courier companies who just about manage to reach France or Belgium; with Barrington Freight, your imports and exports to and from Europe can reach most countries in just 24 hours!

Our express services to Europe and back are our flagship offerings – for fast freight to Europe, we are second-to-none. Of course, just like a few other European couriers, we despatch part load and full load trucks and trailers to nearby countries on a “next day service” basis; but UNLIKE most other cheap delivery companies, we despatch them EVERY day of the working week. With us, there is no question of “just waiting for the vehicle to be ready”.

So if you need an express service for your freight to nearby EU Countries such as Ireland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, or the Netherlands, then speak to us first; we can book trucks of all sizes (from Euroliners down to 7.5 tonners, depending on the size of your load). Depending on exact locations in GB-EU, we also offer our next day services for haulage to Germany, Austria, Italy, Monaco, Andorra, Spain and Portugal – if in any doubt, just ask!

What if you have a smaller load, something for our dedicated express courier vans to Europe? Will it fit inside a Mercedes Sprinter, a Ford Transit, or even a Ford Escort? Our dedicated, urgent, door-to-door road freight vans provide the very fastest express services, right across Europe; they are the very basis of next day services for light cargo from the UK to many European destinations. Even for countries which you might at first think are too distant, we can often achieve next day delivery of urgent road freight to Europe. Just ring us on 01268 525 444, and prepare to be surprised by the fastest freight forwarder to Europe!

Dedicated Express Courier Van for Next Day Delivery across Europe

Dedicated express courier vans to Europe are available from a few European haulage and transport companies; but as the complete freight forwarder to Europe, then (of course) Barrington Freight always has every option at its disposal! For fast/secure door-to-door haulage to Europe or back, this express solution is ideal; a dedicated road freight van compares very favourably with even air freight to Europe; for most consignments, our vans offer a far cheaper delivery service; formalities are less strict in respect of border and customs controls; and after you factor in red tape at airports, our road freight vans are normally faster too!

What exactly is a “dedicated express courier van to Europe”? They drive straight from pick-up to delivery point; only YOUR goods will travel in that road freight van; rest breaks are minimal, because most vans do not require tachographs, and we use two-driver teams where necessary. With effectively no restriction on driving hours, and few restrictions on speed across Europe, we can provide next day deliveries to much of the continent (or back to the UK). Freight to Europe has never moved so fast!

Fragile, secure and time-sensitive consignments benefit greatly from these express services by dedicated road freight vans. With effectively non-stop door-to-door delivery, secure/sensitive items are particularly safe. Goods which are easily damaged, or are perhaps unpacked or loose in boxes, will be carefully loaded and made fast; whilst time-critical EU deliveries can be collected/dropped off at any specific time of the day or night, to suit you.

We can contact our European drivers at any time, so we can therefore locate your next day delivery and provide progress reports when requested. Most vehicles have GPS tracking as well. Some larger shipments can be made on 7.5 tonne vehicles, and many vehicles have a tail lift for ease of loading and unloading. Our dedicated freight vans are just waiting for your call, at our local partner depots around Europe and the UK, so ring now on 01268 525 444 for the fastest freight to Europe!

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Other Services, including Groupage to Europe

Apart from our urgent next day services, we also offer a variety of other express service options – including 48 hour / 2 day services and 72 hour / 3 day services – as well as “slower/cheaper” economy groupage services. Whatever your delivery timescales and goods, we will advise the most cost-effective international shipping rates and delivery methods to meet your logistical needs. You need a European haulier you can trust. We are members of BIFA, and as such we provide a competent and professional transport service backed by comprehensive liability insurance – with Barrington Freight to Europe, your shipment is in safe hands.

Groupage to Europe

The majority of European cargo we ship for clients is what we call “groupage”. This means that consignments from different clients share space on a truck/trailer for deliveries going to the same country or region. This type of shipping is great for cost-sensitive or single pallet delivery shipments up to about three/five pallets. Our economy groupage services are amongst the cheapest delivery services around.

With Barrington Freight, European groupage benefits from daily departures to most destinations – which is rarely the case with other cheap courier services. Together with our local partner depots across Europe, we transport goods everywhere from the Canaries to Scandinavia, and from the Emerald Isle to the Balkans!

Part load freight forwarding to Europe

A part load is when a shipment is of an economical size to send the international vehicle to collect and deliver. Generally this would be shipments from five pallets upwards, but it really depends on the distance from a local depot. Rest assured that our load planning department are experts in making the best delivery arrangements for your budget, and within your time requirements.

All palletised loads benefit from our cheap pallet delivery – 120×100 or 120×80 centimetre base pallets, wooden pallets, non-standard pallets, cages and crates, and skids and stillages too.

Full load haulage to Europe

A full load is when one client takes the complete space on an international truck (13.6 metre trailer). This is a very efficient and reliable method of getting your goods from A to B by road freight. Here at Barrington Freight, we are members of Europe’s largest freight network, so we have hundreds of trucks a day at our disposal for reloads to the continent. Sending a full load to Europe means that your cargo will not be transferred from truck to truck, nor handled in any way. Many loads we ship are manufactured goods on pallets, but full loads are also great for large machinery, reels of cable, over size pallets, steel plate and many other exports/imports to and from Europe.

Whatever your road freight to Europe or back, use our online QuickQuote now – for the very best service, at our very best price!

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