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International Freight to Europe 

Barrington Freight are your local experts in road freight to Europe. We ship B2B transporting for over 50 years, so we are experienced hauling cargo between the UK and Europe. With this extended time in the business, we have shipped anything you can think of or wish to. Our professional team are here to help get your road freight packed and on the move quickly even with post-Brexit regulation changes. We can help you navigate the new customs regulations, paperwork and requirements to send your consignment to Europe and ensure customs transit is fast and without delay. 


European freight is successful for many reasons including the euro / UK standard pallet – an essential element of shipping anything, they are the mainstay of road freight. Standardised 120×80 and 120×100 centimetre-based pallets ensures cost-effective shipping containers, allowing economical use of space to deliver the best value. This means cheap pallet delivery services for your business and shipment because stackable pallets mean better international shipping rates. Your pallets may be wooden, plastic, oversized, printer pallets, or even cages or skids or stillages, but we always ensure the best capacity and shipping rates.

Whether a small groupage shipment, a part load, or an entire full load, urgent delivery, or something heavy and unusual, we ship your cargo hassle-free. Our experience and local knowledge are why we are the best choice for your road freight to Europe.

Express Shipping to Europe </h2

If urgent delivery is required, our express courier service can get the job done. Even with the new customs requirements, we have a range of carrier options available depending on where you need to transport goods. Delivery times can be as fast as the next day, provided all customs obligations are fulfilled correctly.  

We can even offer a dedicated express courier van to Europe that will drive your cargo directly from the pick-up point to the delivery point non-stop. Only your goods will be transported in the road freight van, and with two drivers, rest breaks are cut back to only the most essential, which means there are effectively no restrictions on driving hours as one driver can rest while the other drives. In addition, we can provide next day deliveries depending on the delivery location and provided customs obligations are completed. Freight to Europe can be delivered quickly and efficiently, including fragile cargo, items that need extra security, or time-sensitive consignments. We can transport all of these by our express services by dedicated road freight vans with almost non-stop door-to-door delivery. We ensure careful loading and fast delivery every time. We also keep track of our vans and drivers to provide updates on your delivery and provide progress reports on request. Speak to a Barrington Freight expert to discuss your express shipment and how we can help get your goods to their destination quickly.

Freight Forwarding Services

For fast road freight we offer fast and efficient delivery on a regular schedule so have a chat with one of our team. Our fleet of various sized trucks including Euroliners and 7.5 tons can provide even our following day services for haulage and are guaranteed reliable for door-to-door service across Europe.

Alongside our express services, we also offer 48 hour / 2 day, 72 hour / 3 day, and economy groupage. We work with your delivery requirements to advise on cost-effective international shipping and delivery. As members of BIFA we offer professional transport services backed by comprehensive liability insurance. Working with Barrington Freight to ship to Europe, you can rest assured that your shipment is safe and secure.

Groupage To Europe

We ship the majority of cargo as groupage to Europe for clients and multiple clients’ goods share a delivery vehicle space when travelling to the same country. This shipping is excellent for single pallet delivery shipments of up to about three/five pallets, and our economy groupage services are some of the cheapest services around. Barrington Freight has daily departures to most destinations for groupage shipments. By partnering with local depots across Europe, we can offer a fast service to almost anywhere. 

Part-Load Freight Forwarding

A part load is when five pallets or more are sent, and our load planning department has extensive expertise in making the best and most economical delivery arrangements for your budget while still being delivered within your time requirements to your delivery point. Our team will also assist you with customs requirements to get your load cleared. Palletised loads benefit from use of 120×100 or 120×80-centimetre base pallets, wooden pallets, non-standard pallets, cages and crates, and skids and stillages.

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Full-Load Haulage to Europe

A full load is when a single client utilises all the space in an international truck (13.6-metre trailer) from collection to delivery. This is an efficient and reliable method to get your goods on the road and your freight delivered without considering other client goods in the shipment. Barrington Freight are part of Europe’s most extensive freight network, allowing us to book hundreds of trucks per day, ensuring availability and quick delivery. Sending a full load means your cargo will never be handled until it reaches its destination. Full loads are excellent for large machinery, reels of cable, oversized pallets, steel plates and many other exports/imports to and from Europe.

 For more information about our road freight services Europe or if you have an unusual load request, reach out to our sales team on 01268 978660 or email [email protected]