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While it may seem like an awfully long way to travel, western exports to the Republic of Kazakhstan are steadily growing – and road freight to Kazakhstan delivers the bulk of shipments to this landlocked country. Barrington Freight handle groupage to Kazakhstan, part loads and full loads, unique consignments of all shapes and sizes, machinery and manufactured goods, and most other business-to-business cargo from the UK to the Kazakh nation.

However, while our services are available on a business and commercial front, for those looking to send non-commercial and personal freight cargo via Kazakhstan road freight, we are unable to assist with these movements. However, we can direct you to our trusted partners Anglo Pacific for any shipments of personal items, home removals or cars.

As a professional, independent, family-run pan-European haulier, we are very hard to beat. We have the time to discuss your specialist requirements, and the expertise to ensure that your haulage to Kazakhstan gets there safely and on time. Coupled with cheap international shipping costs, what’s there not to like?

For fragile, secure or time-sensitive cargo from the UK to “Qazaqstan” (as it translates directly from Kazakh), Barrington Freight are the ideal freight forwarder to this region of Central Asia. With transit times of around 21-25 days to the customs terminal in Almaty, your exports to Kazakhstan via road freight will be there for collection sooner than you might think!

Their main imports are: electronics, machinery and mechanical appliances (25% of total imports); mineral products (15%); transport equipment (12%); base metals and related products (10%); chemicals and related products (8%) and foodstuffs and beverages (6%). As a result, it’s no wonder that demand for efficient road freight to Kazakhstan is growing at a pace. Here at Barrington Freight, we can cater for that demand! Groupage to Kazakhstan, part or full load truck and trailer transport, unusual or special cargo can all be shipped from the UK to Kazakhstan via our service – just give us a call; we are the premier pan-European and trans-continental haulage and transport company offering affordable, cost-effective shipping to Kazakhstan and the surrounding area.

GB-KZ shipping logistics are not a simple matter and not all road freight to Kazakhstan is of an equal difficulty. We deliver to the local customs terminal in Almaty which, until recently, was the capital and by far the country’s largest city. This popular destination suits most Kazakh importers and is a hub for other transport links where necessary. You certainly do not want to be chasing around the hinterland of this massive country trying to locate a “missing shipment”, and as reliable freight forwarders to Kazakhstan we can guarantee the safe arrival of your goods at the Almaty customs warehouse.

We make sure to treat all of our shipments to Kazakhstan as a core part of our business, simply because they are! As professional, experienced freight forwarders, we understand that it’s our responsibility to provide you and your shipment with all of the care and commitment that it deserves. Whether you’re shipping B2B or importing from the UK to your Kazakhstan-based business location, you can rest assured that your shipments are in capable, experienced hands.

Through the support of our local partners in Kazakhstan, we can navigate the country with ease to ensure that your goods reach their destination without delay. We’ll organise all of this on your behalf, however, and with our team always available to keep you updated, you can request detailed reports of the status of your cargo at any time during the delivery process!

Whether your consignment’s final destination is Almaty itself, the capital Astana, or another city like Shymkent, Karaganda, Aktobe, Taraz, Pavlodar, Oskemen, Semey, Oral or elsewhere, Barrington Freight is the safe and sensible choice for safe and efficient haulage to Kazakhstan. We deliver all of our freight to Almaty, and from there, you can arrange collection or onward distribution via the extensive rail network. You could also opt for delivery by road via the M-36 highway leading to Astana and Kostanay; the M-38 to Semey and Pavlodar; or the M-39 to Shymkent. The M-32 then runs from Shymkent to Aktobe and Oral.

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Your exports to Kazakhstan are our priority. We can advise on customs paperwork and commercial invoices and we aim to offer the best economy groupage services, in terms of both affordable delivery and reliable transit too. We offer competitive rates for groupage to Kazakhstan and these rates are our speciality. Kazakh pallet shipping is even offered for all your export pallets and cartons and especially for stackable 120×100 and 120×80-centimetre base pallets; of course, part load and full load haulage to Kazakhstan is always welcome.

As reliable trans-continental couriers and freight forwarders to “KZ”, we have the knowledge and capacity to handle every piece of business cargo from the UK to Kazakhstan, so fill in our quote form today!

Where is Kazakhstan Located?

Perhaps surprisingly, although most of the country is in Central Asia, the western tip (west of the Ural River) is in Europe. Having said that, it is not part of Europe that most westerners would recognise. Kazakhstan borders China to the East; Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan to the South; it has a South-Western coastline on the Caspian Sea; and adjoins Russia to the North. The long Russian border amounts to more than half of the country’s entire frontier. Although landlocked, it does have a coastline on the inland Aral Sea.