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Slovakia FlagBarrington Freight are the preferred freight forwarder to Slovakia for many large importers and exporters, so why look further when shipping road freight to the Slovak Republic? We offer the most convenient economy groupage services, with groupage to Slovakia leaving daily; as a family-run independent forwarder for haulage to “Slovenska Republika”, we use a number of reliable European haulage and transport companies, to ensure prompt departure of your cargo from the UK to Slovakia.

We carry business / commercial cargo only UK to / from Slovakia. For personal goods, house moves and car shipping we recommend our partners Anglo Pacific

Apart from economy groupage services for cheap pallet delivery, we ship part loads or full loads of euro and uk export pallets; whether printers/plastic/wooden pallets or boxes, export packed cargo, cages, skids – we handle all your palletised or non-palletised freight to Slovakia. We have express services for your Slovak freight too – including next day services, 48 hour / 2 day services, or 72 hour / 3 day services by truck and trailer – with dedicated courier vans to Europe for really fast delivery of urgent cargo from the UK to Slovakia or back.

Road freight to “Slovensko” is our speciality, and we are pleased to handle difficult shipments – including big / tall / long / high / cubic / heavy manufactured goods or machinery, awkward shapes and sizes, timed collections and deliveries, restricted access, and even consignments which other cheap delivery companies may have declined. We have the correct vehicles for all types of haulage to Slovakia and we work with experienced local partner depots to overcome any specific problems with remote destinations or loading and unloading facilities.

Flagship express services by dedicated courier van to Europe. A non-stop journey by dedicated express road freight van can take just 15 hours from London to Bratislava, so with a two driver team (no rest breaks!) we have true next day freight services!

Our express services for your Slovak road freight are far more convenient than air freight to Slovakia, especially because no special documentation is required since “Slovenska Republika” joined the EU in 2004. Apart from urgent next day services, we can use single drivers with rest breaks to provide a 48 hour / 2 day service for your fragile, secure or time-sensitive cargo from the UK to Slovakia or back. Our dedicated road freight vans can pick-up and drop-off door-to-door within specific time windows at either end, so for your urgent business-to-business exports and imports to and from Slovakia just click here to get your online QuickQuote!

Of course, groupage to Slovakia forms the bulk of our shipments. Slovak freight on standard 120×100 or 120×80 centimetre base pallets benefit from the cheapest international shipping costs, especially if stackable.


We collect and deliver all over GB and SK, servicing the automobile industry – with Slovakian vehicle assembly plants in the capital Bratislava (Volkswagen), Trnava (PSA Peugot Citroen) and Kia (Silina) – and also the electronics sector especially around Nitra (Sony LCD TVs) and Galanta (Samsung computer monitors).

Slovakia is landlocked in Central Europe, south of Poland and east of the Czech Republic and Austria. To the south lies Hungary, with Ukraine to the east.

We are widely recognised as dedicated and experienced freight forwarders to Bulgaria, and our cheap delivery services are superb value for exporting and importing to and from this Balkan republic. GB-BG freight is our speciality!

Do you need next day services, or 48 hour / 2 day services, and are perhaps considering expensive and complex air freight to Bulgaria? Don’t bother! For really urgent loads, or for fragile / secure cargo from UK to Bulgaria or return, dedicated courier van to Europe is our flagship express service. We can provide these very competitive express road freight vans in either direction, with escort or sprinter vans able to reach some destinations in just 24 hours. Get your GB-BG freight there fast!

We use two-driver teams (to avoid unnecessary rest breaks) to provide our next day services, and a single driver can provide a 48 hour / 2 day service to many areas. Remote pick-ups or destinations may take a little longer, but these express services offer a real alternative for fast haulage to and from Bulgaria. Road freight transport has never been so fast!

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So for economy groupage services to “Slovensko”, for both full loads or part loads, for bespoke or tailored haulage to Slovakia, and for next day services or 48 hour / 2 day services by dedicated express road freight vans, send your exports or imports to and from Slovakia with Barrington Freight!

Where is Slovakia located?

Slovakia is landlocked in Central Europe, south of Poland and east of the Czech Republic and Austria. To the south lies Hungary, with Ukraine to the east.