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Whilst Turkmen consignments may not be the largest contributor to our Central Asian shipping operations, road freight to Turkmenistan is nevertheless important to us; exports to this Turkic State can include heavy construction equipment, machinery, manufactured goods, iron and steel pipes, and vehicles.

We carry business / commercial cargo only UK to Turkmenistan. For personal goods, house moves and car shipping we recommend our partners Anglo Pacific

We are one of the very few freight forwarders to Turkmenistan who can properly handle large and heavy loads of awkward shape and size; so if you are looking for a reliable trans-continental courier for an unusual consignment, then just give us a ring on 01268 525 444! Fragile / secure or time-sensitive cargo from the UK to Turkmenistan is another one of our specialist Asian freight services, so we have pretty well everything covered.

Groupage to Turkmenistan is also a favourite; our economy groupage delivery service provides cheap pallet shipping, and covers cartons / boxes / crates and packing cases too. Small consignments of groupage are consolidated with other similar shipments of freight to Turkmenistan, so they can be sent on a single truck or trailer, and hence minimise your international freight shipping costs.

Multiple Euro or UK export pallets benefit from competitive part-load and full-load rates on haulage to Turkmenia (as the country was previously known). Our cheap delivery services offer some very unusual discounts specially for 120×100 and 120×80 centimetre base pallets – and particularly so for stackable pallets to Turkmenistan!

Your exports to the Turkmen Republic are safe in our hands. We are an independent family-run business, and pride ourselves on top-quality service with a friendly face. Knowledgeable and experienced, we are happy to advise on your shipping conundrums; and for first-timers, we offer guidance in respect of the commercial invoices and customs paperwork required for all cargo from the UK to Turkmenistan.

With 80% of Turkmenistan being covered by the Karakum and Sundukly Deserts, and mountain ranges to the South and West, the country is not heavily populated. Almost the size of Spain, just over 5 million inhabitants live in this arid environment where temperatures can reach 40-50oC and dust storms are common. But it isn’t all bad news – courtesy of government subsidies, residents enjoy low housing and utility / telephone / travel costs, plus FREE petrol, electricity, gas, water and salt!

How come? The country has energy aplenty; the fourth-largest gas reserves in the world, 700 million tons of oil reserves, and it is also a net exporter of electricity. The gas fields are concentrated in the provinces of Lebap, Ahal and Mary in the South-Eastern half of the country, with the other two provinces Dasoguz and Balkan lying to the North-West.

Turkmenistan cities include Akdepe, Amydery’a, Archman, Asgabat (Ashgabat), Atamyrat (Kerki), Babadaykhan, Balkanabat (Nebitdag), Bayramaly, Bekdash, Bugdayly, Buzmey’in, Byzylarbat, Celeken, Chagyl, Charjew, Darganata, Darvaza, Dashkuduk, Dasoguz, Deynau, Ekerem, Esenguly, Gumdag, Gusgy, Gyzylgaya, Kaka, Kerki, Koneurgench, Lebap, Mary, Mukry, Murgap, Sakar, Sandykgacy, Sarahs, Sharlawuk, Tagta, Tagtabazar, Tejen, Turkmenabat (Charjew), Turkmenbasy, Yerbent and Yoloten.

Haulage to Turkmenistan will be delivered to the local customs warehouse in the capital Ashgabat. In the central south of the country, this convenient location permits collection or onward logistics to be arranged at leisure. The transit time for groupage to Turkmenistan (and of course other Turkmen freight) is typically 22-28 days.

Some freight forwarders to Central Asia incur delays whilst waiting to fill their trucks with groupage; others may not have the capacity to make regular runs, or carry your full load. Not so Barrington Freight to Turkmenistan! As independents, we are not contractually tied to a single European haulage and transport company – we deal with many reliable trans-continental couriers, ensuring the earliest possible departures for your consignment.

We can ship most freight to Turkmenistan; printers / plastic / wooden pallets, whether of 120×100 or 120×80 centimetre base; urgent business shipments; unusual or difficult cargo from UK to “TM”; indeed almost all exports to Turkmenistan. Ring us today for the best quote on our economy groupage service, for competitive rates on our cheap courier service for part loads and full loads, or for the very best tailored service on your custom haulage to Turkmenistan.

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“GB-TM” exports can be complicated. Let us lighten your load by solving transport difficulties before they become real problems! We book groupage to Turkmenia on a regular basis, we are acknowledged as the expert freight forwarders to Central Asia, and our team of friendly freight specialists are always on hand for help and advice.

Why look elsewhere? Barrington Freight offer the complete road freight service to this Turkic State, with cheap international shipping costs and the most reliable trans-continental hauliers. Try our QuickQuote page now, and get our best price on your exports to Turkmenistan!

Where is Turkmenistan Located?

Turkmenistan is bordered by Kazakhstan to the North-West, Uzbekistan to the North-East and East, Afghanistan to the South-East, Iran to the South and South-West, and the landlocked Caspian Sea to the West.