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Road freight to Uzbekistan? Look no further. We are a leading independent freight forwarder to Uzbekistan, and have some of the cheapest delivery services to this region. Couple this with some of the fastest transit times for haulage to the capital Tashkent, plus our wide knowledge and experience in handling Uzbek shipments, and we are the obvious choice for your cargo from the UK to Uzbekistan.

We carry business / commercial cargo only UK to Uzbekistan. For personal goods, house moves and car shipping we recommend our partners Anglo Pacific

Don’t be satisfied with just any cheap courier service, demand the very best for your exports to the “Ozbekiston Respublikasi” – and book your consignment with Barrington Freight to Uzbekistan! Whether sending just a few Euro/UK standard pallets, a part load or full load, fragile / secure or time sensitive cargo, or general groupage to the Uzbek Republic, we will transport your Uzbek consignment safely and at a good price.

And business shipments to Central Asia are an area of expertise, so we are happy to give advice on unusual or awkward loads which other pan-European / trans-continental couriers may have declined. Exports to Uzbekistan are not always straightforward; apart from commercial invoices, and customs paperwork (which we can help you with), the Uzbek government has an officially declared policy of “Import Substitution”.

The Uzbek customs restrict foreign imports in many ways, including high import duties. Excise taxes are applied in a highly discriminatory manner to protect locally produced goods. Official tariffs are combined with unofficial, discriminatory charges resulting in total charges of as much as 100 to 150% of the actual value of the product, making imported products virtually unaffordable. The government proudly reports a reduction by a factor of two in the volume of consumer goods imported, with local goods being used in their stead.

If you are concerned your exports to Uzbekistan may fall foul of this practice, speak to us first. Our local Uzbek partners are familiar with customs practices, and they can often pre-empt what could otherwise be a very costly exercise! If a cheap & cheerful freight forwarder to Uzbekistan cannot advise on this, or even worse seems to be unaware of the practice, then perhaps you should be using Barrington Freight for your haulage to the Central Asian Republic!

So what services do we offer? Starting with our economy groupage services, we consolidate small consignments from a number of clients into a single truck-load of compatible shipments; this enables us to offer the cheapest international shipping costs for your groupage to Uzbekistan. Also, as independent freight forwarders to “UZ”, we can choose from a number of reliable hauliers and get your load on the next imminent departure.

For sending multiple pallets “GB-UZ”, we offer both part load and full load shipments. For manufactured goods or machinery, spare parts and equipment, and many other goods too, then cheap pallet shipping is paramount. Euro and UK standard pallets (i.e. 120×80 or 120×100 centimetre base pallets) are the most popular choice, and our rates are very competitive – particularly if the pallets are stackable. Regardless, we carry most palletised goods; including not only standard wooden pallets, but plastic pallets and printer’s pallets too – plus cages, crates and most other export packed cargo from the UK to Uzbekistan.

Or perhaps you have a very heavy item, of an awkward shape or size, or simply unusual; if so, then don’t hesitate to set us the challenge! We have handled all sorts of strange haulage to Central Asia, so if we can’t offer you an appropriate delivery service, then probably no-one can!

We deliver direct to the customs terminal in Tashkent, the capital city. Typically, this takes around 21-25 days. From there, the consignee can either collect the shipment, or arrange onward transport; perhaps to the other main cities of Namangan, Shakhrisabz, Andijan. Samarkand, Fergana, Khiva, Qarshi, Termez, Nurata, Nukus, Jizzax, Bukhara, Xorazm or Navoiy.

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Outside of the cities and conurbations, it is a dry country with less than 10% of its territory intensively cultivated (mainly in river valleys and oases). The rest is a vast desert (namely the Kyzyl Kum desert), or else ranges of tall mountains. Nevertheless, the country boasts numerous historical attractions, especially Bukhara – lying as it does on the old East-West Silk Route; and popular sports in the mountainous regions include mountaineering, hiking, rock climbing, skiing and hang gliding.

Despite all these attractions, our primary interest at Barrington Freight remains haulage! Whether you have groupage to Uzbekistan, printers / plastic / wooden pallets of “GB-UZ” export items, or require a bespoke tailored service for something unusual, Barrington Freight to Uzbekistan have the answer! Ring us now on 01268 525 444 for all your cargo from the UK to Uzbekistan – we are the foremost freight forwarder to Central Asia!

Where is Uzbekistan Located?

Uzbekistan is a landlocked country in Central Asia; it is surrounded by Kazakhstan to the North, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to the East, Afghanistan to the South, and Turkmenistan to the South-West. It also has a coastline on the inland Aral Sea.