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Kuwait flagFor the cheap international shipping of freight to Kuwait, look no further than Barrington Freight. We specialise in containers to Kuwait, whether 20ft or 40ft containers, FCL / Full container loads or LCL / Less than a container load and pallet transport. We also consolidate grouped cargo.

We carry business / commercial cargo only UK to / from Kuwait. For personal goods, house moves and car shipping we recommend our partners Anglo Pacific

Your cargo from the UK to the northern tip of the Persian Gulf can cover the 6,500 miles in just 9 days using our international shipping services. We ship pallets to the State of Kuwait, we offer bespoke tailored services for unusual haulage requirements – machinery, warehousing, storage, shrink/stretch wrapped, stillages, cages, stackable pallets – we handle almost any consignment of sea freight to Kuwait.

We are a professional freight forwarder to this Arab country in Western Asia, regularly shipping to this north-eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula. It shares borders with Iraq to the north and Saudi Arabia to the south. Over half the estimated 4 million population live in the capital Kuwait City, and the nearby Gulf coastline ports of Shuaiba, Shuwaikh and Doha serve the need for Kuwaiti-bound freight. Other main cities and towns are Qalib ash-Shuyukh, As-Subayhiya, Al-Fuhayhil, Ar-Riqqah, Al-Ahmadi and Al-Jahrah.

Kuwait is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system of government, and is often described as the most liberal country in the region. It has the world’s fifth largest oil reserves, and is the eighth richest country in the world per capita. Its recent history has been dominated by the invasion and annexation by Iraq in 1990, from which it was freed by a multi-national coalition of forces in the first Gulf war; and 12 years later in 2003, when it was the springboard for the second Gulf war, led by the USA in order to oust Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

Sea freight to Kuwait is now clearly somewhat less than during the wars and periods of reconstruction thereafter, but nevertheless Kuwaiti-bound cargo from the UK still amounts to a significant tonnage of shipping to the State. It imports finished products ranging from food products and textiles to machinery, plus equipment and materials for its burgeoning construction and oil industries. With both 20ft and 40ft containers to Kuwait shipping frequently, Barrington Freight are a major freight forwarder to Kuwait, and are pleased to handle FCL / Full container loads and LCL / Less than a container load, pallets to Kuwait, groupage shipping etc. We offer some of the cheapest sea freight rates available, combined with experienced and friendly shipping agents.

We always provide a single named representative to keep you informed of your shipments to the Gulf State, and can even arrange full marine insurance on your behalf. Our knowledgeable local port agents await arrival of your sea freight to Kuwait, and may offer onward logistics / warehouse storage / handling services and the like.

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So ring us on 01268 525 444 to arrange your cargo from the UK to Kuwait! We will provide an affordable sea freight quote, handle your freight forwarding to Kuwait without fuss or drama, and keep you updated throughout.

Businesses entering into trade with Kuwait can seek assistance from the following website –

Website – Doing Business in Kuwait

Where is Kuwait located?

Kuwait is situated in the northern edge of Eastern Arabia bordering Iraq and Saudi Arabia.