New Zealand FlagWe can assist you with Export sea shipping of freight to New Zealand from the UK.

We carry business / commercial cargo only UK to / from New Zealand. For personal goods, house moves and car shipping we recommend our partners Anglo Pacific

Barrington Freight are sea freight shipping experts providing businesses and commercial clients with a complete range of export shipping options between major sea ports in the UK and New Zealand.

Offering a hassle free and customer based shipping experience each and every time, we regularly sell much sought after container space to businesses, both in the UK and New Zealand and help to guarantee a smooth and secure cargo experience between the two countries.

Trusted Freight Shipping To New Zealand

With 11,426 miles between the two areas, Barrington Freight arrange the delivery of containers strictly to ports in New Zealand including the capital Wellington in the southwestern tip of the North Island; the second most populous urban area in the country and also to other popular sea ports such as Auckland, Christchurch, Nelson, New Plymouth, Wellington and Whangarei, for example.

With this in mind, it is no wonder why Barrington Freight is one of the most trusted international shipping companies in the UK if you are looking for a cost effective freight forwarder to deliver cargo to New Zealand.

Named after the Netherlands province Zeeland by Dutch explorer Abel Tasman, New Zealand is a country with one of the highest ratios of animals to humans in the world (less than 5 percent of the population is human!), but despite this many exporters require container space to transport cargo to New Zealand from the UK on a regular basis.

With a transit time of around 43 days, sea freight to New Zealand takes a little while to arrive at its final destination but with such a large distance between both countries this is expected.

Unlike air freight services whereby goods will arrive quickly but of course, at a much more expensive cost to you, sea freight is a very cost effective way to transport export cargo to New Zealand from the UK.

Being able to provide a range of services including pallet shipping, part loads, FCL / Full container loads, LCL / Less than a container load and also the option of 20ft and 40ft containers, our cargo containers travelling from UK to the sea ports of New Zealand are very convenient and simple to reserve space within them.

This is because Barrington Freight boasts years of dealing with cargo from the UK to New Zealand and frequently sells container space to exporters needing a secure method of shipping goods via a reliable freight forwarder.

With no part of New Zealand being more than 128km from the sea, sea freight services are forever popular and highly convenient with exporters in the UK. Here at Barrington Freight we regularly organise and sell space in containers to exporters needing to transport goods internationally to New Zealand, to satisfy business and commercial shipping requirements to the country from the UK.

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Container Cargo Shipment To New Zealand

With a comprehensive portfolio of services to make your container cargo shipment to New Zealand as smooth and stress free as possible, why not contact Barrington Freight on 01268 525444 for a full range of costs relating to shipping by sea to New Zealand?

Businesses entering into trade with New Zealand can seek assistance from the Australia & New Zealand Chamber Of Commerce –

Telephone – 020 7379 0720

Where is New Zealand located?

New Zealand is located in Oceania near Australia.