At Barrington we want to provide you with the most competitive freight quote for your shipment

There can be many elements of a shipment that can affect obtaining a freight quote. The cost of transport can make the difference to the competitivity of your goods. For this reason, we are sure that you want to get the best transport quote possible, so we have written this short guide –


1)    Please provide full collection town or city and postal code or area code

Postcodes can help us pinpoint exact addresses. The Google Maps Tool may help.

2)    Supplying us with the full delivery town or city and postal code or area code 

Providing the delivery location helps us to quote accurately. Try the Google Maps Tool for hard to find places.

3)    The weight of the shipment – preferrably in kilos

All vehicles have restrictions on the weight that they can legally carry. It is therefore an important safety factor to have an accurate tonnage for our vehicles.

4)    The dimensions of the goods at the longest part (length by width by height) 

In European countries they favour the Euro pallet which has a base size of 120 x 80 centimetres

In Britain we utilise the more popular UK pallet that has a footprint of 120 x 100 in centimetres

5)   Whether the pallets will double stack

To avoid damage and to plan vehicle loading, please confirm whether your pallets will stack one on top of the other.

6)    The time constraints for collection / delivery.

We will tailor a quote depending on your needs. Generally, the longer we have to make delivery the cheaper the cost will be. The is because we can do whats called groupage shipping with freight going to a similar area and this can reduce the haulage costs.

This page is meant as a guide only, generally the more information you can provide us with the better. Our team are trained to obtain all pertinent information so that we can give you the best possible service for the best possible price.

If you wish to discuss a shipment we are only too happy to help. Please call us today.