Here at Barrington Freight, we are an international air freight company that not only specialise in next day delivery services throughout Europe, but also offer air freight services for time sensitive delivery of cargo, worldwide. Our international air freight delivery services are ideal for those with high value goods that would benefit from express freight delivery such as perishables or even urgently required materials.

To ensure the entire process runs smoothly from collection to drop off, we have the support of a dedicated network of integrated air and ground transport routes. This means we’re one of few international air freight companies that are able to arrange pick-up from your home or place of work, to deliver to places such as China, the USA, Mexico and many more destinations worldwide.

Experienced Air Freight Shipments With Barrington Freight

Here at Barrington Freight, we’re never afraid to show our age. In fact, we love to boast about the fact that we have many years’ experience within the air freight industry and as such, any questions you may have or assistance you may require; we’re able to help. This includes things such as customs clearance, duties, taxes and even paperwork.

By using our air-freight forwarding service, you’ll have access to both international import and export services from places such as Japan, South Korea, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and even Russia. As we are an air freight company you’ll have access to a number of delivery destinations, you’ll also have the option of choosing from our same day international air freight forwarding services or our cheaper, two day air freight services. Our cheap air freight option offers you the choice of quality air freight delivery without breaking the bank. Even our same day air freight options have some of the most competitive prices in the air freight company industry with air freight quotes based on size and weight of your shipment making everything individual to you.

With some of the most competitive rates for air freight forwarding options to the United States of America, South Korea and more, along with some of the best transit times to our aforementioned worldwide destinations, why would you want to trust anyone but Barrington Freight with your international cargo delivery?

Here at Barrington Freight, our managers and directors are extremely hands on with each and every air freight shipment. They work very closely with our staff to ensure the team remains integrated and as dedicated to every shipment as possible. This also ensures vital experience gets passed down the chain to each and every team member. As a result, our customer care is nothing short of first rate but don’t just take our word for it. Get to know our team of dedicated professionals for yourself as they happily offer advice and assistance via phone or email when dealing with your air freight shipping and air freight quotes.

Don’t forget, to make things as easy as possible for you, we also offer door-to-door collections and deliveries for all your air freight forwarding consignments, irrelevant of size, weight and/or shape. From important legal documents to large furniture, we can take collection, and deliver them all but why choose international air freight? Well, there are of course a myriad of different methods for shipping cargo, however today, we’re going to draw your attention to the most common reasons that people choose to use our air freight services, so let’s take a look:

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Air Freight vs. Sea Freight: Which Is Best For My Shipment?

It’s the fastest international air freight shipping method – when you have cargo that needs to be moved quickly, then air freight shipping is the best method by far. Compare this to sea freight and even road freight and it’ll leave you with no doubt whatsoever.

Reliable arrival and departure times – as opposed to road freight where road closures, road works and even new laws can interfere with deliveries, the arrival and departure of flights and subsequently your cargo, is highly reliable. This is simply down to the fact that airlines tend to keep on top of their schedules. Even in the instance of a flight being missed, cargo will still find itself arriving on time as flights tend to depart every hour for the more popular destinations.

Use our air freight servicing options to send your cargo worldwide – as we mentioned above, we’re able to offer international shipping to almost anywhere in the world, including China, the USA and even South Korea. This is all thanks to a great number of airlines having a large network of destinations, subsequently offering you great flexibility in where you can forward your cargo.

Lower insurance prices mean larger savings for you – with transportation times for air freight being so much shorter than other options, the insurance premiums are so much lower. While many assume air freight is expensive, the savings within insurance certainly outweigh any assumptions.

High security and a reduced risk of damage and/or theft – opting for international air freight shipping offers the added advantage of high security thanks to airport safety controls already in place. This means your cargo is tightly managed. Such tight management also reduces your cargo’s exposure to theft and damage too.

Much less need for storage and fewer items in stock – with much quicker transit times when using air freight, you have far less need to pay for local storage of your cargo, or keep items in stock. This not only makes the process much more efficient but also saves money.

Less packaging required on cargo – in the vast majority of cases, air shipments require much less packaging than say for example, ocean shipments and as such, you get to save both time and money.

Last but not least, keep in the loop – you’ll no doubt be aware that a great number of freight forwarders will give you a link to track your cargo using a web application. This allows you to monitor the status of your cargo from departure to arrival, keeping you continually updated. With air freight shipping however, you’ll be able to track each flight from take-off to landing.

If you’re looking for international air freight companies that provides air freight door-to-door, then be sure to give Barrington Freight a call. With fantastic air freight quotes and excellent customer service, we’re the best freight forwarders based in the UK. Contact us today for more information.