Situated slightly north of both Leeds and Bradford, Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) is one that is often chosen by British-based importation companies because of its convenient location for onward distribution in the north of England. There are two cargo sheds that offer sufficient space for freight services although various plans have been drawn up in the past to expand the freight operations at the site. Because Leeds Bradford Airport primarily operates as a passenger terminal these days, getting goods processed and through the airport can be remarkably quick. It is for this reason that many importers also rate it.

However, when speed is of the essence – and it usually is when air freight has been chosen over road haulage routes and sea containers – ensuring your customs declarations are in good order is even more important. This is why appointing a customs clearance agency that has expertise in a wide variety of goods, as well as the workings of HMRC at Leeds Bradford Airport, can be so beneficial. Why go to the expense of flying your orders to the UK only for them to be impounded by a customs officer because you have made an inadvertently false customs declaration? Sorting out errors is always possible, of course, but it is usually a time-consuming business. What’s even worse is the fact that repeated mistakes can lead to further penalties, ones that are avoidable with the right sort of expertise behind you.

At Barrington Freight, our operations team can provide you with all of the guidance you might need to ensure your imports are not held up when they arrive in the UK. Our diligent procedures mean that our agents will have your paperwork in good order long before your goods land at Leeds Bradford Airport. We can help with everything from VAT payments to commodity codes and much more besides!

Combine Our Freight Forwarding Skills With Our Customs Clearance Work

It is worth taking note that Barrington Freight is not just a customs clearance agency working with imports at Leeds Bradford Airport. We are also freight forwarders. This means that you can combine the two types of professional services and have them dealt with on your behalf under one roof. By offering you this economy of scale, we can help to ensure your orders leave their country of origin on schedule and will also be ready for collection in the UK on time because HMRC officials have seen all the paperwork they need to. We can also arrange for their onward journey to your warehouse or direct them to your customers as you see fit.

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Why Consider Barrington Freight as Your Customs Clearance Agency at Leeds Bradford Airport?

Any business that wants to improve the integrity of its international supply chain can turn to Barrington Freight with confidence. We have plenty of experience handling goods passing through Leeds Bradford Airport and have the necessary licenses to liaise directly with border officials in countries all over the world. Why not call us to find out more?