At Barrington Freight, we can help you at every stage of your export customs clearance requirements at Harwich. The land haulage route to Europe from Harwich makes use of a North Sea crossing to Hook of Holland. From there, multiple destinations in continental Europe open up with cities like Dortmund, Cologne, Brussels and Groningen all being no more than a few hours onward travel. Given that Harwich is also convenient to access via the UK’s road network from both the Midlands and the Southeast, it is hardly surprising that so many exports from mainland Britain pass through the port.

With many sailings for vans and trucks to be able to use each week, Harwich is one of the busiest UK ports for exporters these days. However, since the UK is no longer a member state of the European Union, customs clearance paperwork must be in good order before HMRC officials must inspect the goods prior to them being allowed onto ferry services at the port. This is the case even if the goods are bound for destinations outside of the EU, such as Norway or Switzerland, for example, because they will be passing through EU territories to make their way there. Although it is technically possible to make such declarations yourself, turning to a professional customs clearance agency is often preferable instead.

We work with customs clearance declarations for many exporting firms that use the Port of Harwich, so we have all the necessary experience to help ensure your goods won’t be unduly delayed at the border and can make their onward journey to Hook of Holland without being impounded or held up. We’ll take care of everything, from registering for an EORI to establishing whether your paperwork has the correct master reference number

Land and Sea Exporting Through the Port of Harwich

There are a number of reasons that exported goods might be delayed when they reach Harwich. Obviously, if customs officials think that the goods might be controlled items, for instance, then they are more likely to delay their departure. However, even very common items for export can be held up if things like commodity codes are inaccurate. Sometimes exports can be fine but when they are sent as part of a groupage delivery and an accompanying item might cause a delay. This is why it is important to turn to experts who work in this area of commerce every day. Why run the risk of letting your customers down with a late or non-delivery when we can take care of all your export declaration requirements on your behalf?

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Combine Freight Forwarders with Customs Clearance Agents at Barrington Freight

Please note that the operations team at Barrington Freight is not just here to provide export customs clearance work at Harwich because we also work as freight forwarders. This means we can deal with your consignment and arrange every stage of its delivery for you, from your business address in the UK right through to its final destination. With these two services combined, you can rest assured that everything to do with your overseas delivery will be handled by professionals in their field.