FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), also known as Amazon FBA Freight, is a way for businesses to launch an eCommerce service online using the Amazon package forwarding service – meaning Amazon will deliver to your customers for you when they order. Amazon handles inventory management and shipping while you work on sourcing products, marketing, and selling. It may sound simple when put like this, but there are many requirements and hoop-jumping to do that will determine your success or failure even to get your products to the Amazon fulfillment centre.

Freight and shipping are essential for Amazon sellers to understand, but FBA freight forwarder requirements can be complex, and it’s things like not understanding how freight works that can put a potential business owner off deciding to sell via eCommerce platforms. ECommerce is an essential part of a businesses profitability these days, and an Amazon FBA forwarder provides an efficient vehicle to do it. We can support you to get your goods to the Amazon warehouse and get you selling.

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To launch smoothly, it’s best to hire a professional consultant or a freight forwarder with Amazon experience, especially if you also need to get your goods through Customs and all the required documentation. Barrington Freight are experienced and top Amazon freight forwarders – we can help you get started and take the guesswork out of your setup to get your goods up for sale and ready to ship in no time.

There is a somewhat convoluted and meticulous process to follow before you can send goods to Amazon. You need to consider inventory, get the right Amazon-specific barcode, ensure your data input is correct for your descriptions and stock lists, then labelling needs to be completed, and finally ensure shipment declarations are completed correctly. Creating a shipping plan is essential as the convoluted process to inform Amazon which products you’re sending them, in what quantity, and who will take care of labelling and packaging products can be time-consuming. As your Amazon shipping forwarder, Barrington Freight will help you through the entire process, ensuring nothing is missed, so sending your products to Amazon and getting them sold and sent is easy and straightforward.

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Barrington Freight can take the stress out of the process for you. We offer the best freight forwarder for Amazon FBA service available, and with our experience, we will guide you step-by-step through the Amazon forwarder process. Our services save you time and energy by managing your FBA forwarding application and requirements for you so that you can focus on your business. We can also assist in preparing your shipment as your Amazon FBA freight forwarder, whether it’s a parcel for delivery or an entire truckload of goods delivered directly to the FBA fulfilment centre.

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