Located in the heart of England, close to Leicester, Loughborough and Derby, East Midlands Airport (EMA) is a useful one for many British importers thanks to its proximity to large cities and much of the road haulage distribution network. With so many warehousing operations serving the logistical needs and supply chain requirements of so many UK-based firms in the area, the airport is a good choice for importing both finished goods and components. Indeed, East Midlands Airport is a crucial one for the UK economy in terms of cargo. The airport is officially the 11th-most busy in the country for overall flight operations. However, in terms of air freight, only Heathrow handles more traffic in a typical year.

Given how many air freight operators use the airport with flights arriving from all over Europe and Asia on a daily basis, it is important for any UK importation firm to have a sound customs clearance operation at East Midlands airport. This is exactly the sort of service that Barrington Freight can help with. Our expert customs clearance agents will be able to prepare your consignment’s paperwork so that it is in good order and ready for inspection on arrival. HMRC customs officers will inspect any goods that arrive in the UK more thoroughly if they think that some declaration or other hasn’t been made correctly.

What this service boils down to is avoiding delays. If you have paid for air-freighted cargo to come to the UK, then the chances are you want it sooner rather than later. And yet, goods can be delayed at the final leg of their journey if customs officials require clarifications or new paperwork to be submitted. You can avoid all of these potential pitfalls by turning to the Barrington Freight operations team to prepare your customs clearance documents long before your packages arrive.

Combine Our Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance Prowess

Not all customs clearance agencies offer freight forwarding services in the UK but, at Barrington Freight, we do. What this means is that you can benefit from both sorts of services with everything being handled for you centrally. Our operations team is made up of both customs clearance agents and freight forwarders. Combined, they can offer you the sort of service that will give your business a competitive edge. We’ll negotiate with air freight operators to get preferable rates as well as help to ensure your goods travel to the UK as fast as possible without being held up once they arrive at East Midlands Airport.

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What Makes Us the Right Choice For Customs Clearance Agency Work at East Midlands Airport?

With years of experience in both freight forwarding and customs clearance import work at East Midlands Airport, we have the know-how to deliver. We work in a professional manner to ensure that your imports meet all of HMRC’s expectations, helping their onward journey to your customers or warehouse but also helping to avoid unnecessarily lengthy inspections and potential VAT audits, too.