Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LPL) is one that is ideal for British importers who want their goods to reach the northwest region of the country in the fastest time possible. Not only is Liverpool’s major air hub ideally located for this purpose but it runs a 24/7 ground handling cargo operation. The airport has customs bonded storage facilities and some high-value storage capacity, too. As such, choosing it for goods that are being shipped from overseas makes sense for many importers these days.

However, all of the speed of transit that is possible for imported goods via Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LPL) can be undone by shoddy customs clearance work. If you rely on your own staff to undertake this sort of specialist administrative function, then it can lead to needless delays. Helpfully, Barrington Freight’s expert operations team is on hand to save you from any hiccups when your consignments arrive thanks to the wealth of experience they have not just with HMRC regulations but the day to day workings of Liverpool Airport itself.

If you are struggling with making the right declarations about commodity codes, for example, we will be able to point you in the right direction. We deal with many EORI-registered importers in the UK who use air freight services including those who import via Liverpool Airport. Whether you need assistance with declaring excise duty on your importation paperwork or help with VAT payments, we are on hand to act as your preferred customs clearance agency.

Customs Clearance Agents and Freight Forwarders at Liverpool Airport

At Barrington Freight, we are a long-standing freight forwarding firm that can help with all aspects of international shipping, whether it is by road, sea or air freight. If you are importing goods to the UK via Liverpool Airport from China, for example, then we will be able to negotiate the most cost-effective routes with air freight operators on your behalf. We can also handle consignments from the moment they leave your supplier’s depot to the departure airport. 

Once your goods arrive at Liverpool Airport, our customs clearance work will help to ensure that HMRC doesn’t hold up your deliveries because all of the paperwork should have already been submitted before they get into UK airspace. In short, because we combine freight forwarding services with our outstanding customs clearance agency work, we can provide you with a complete solution whether you’re shipping from the Far East, Europe or anywhere else.

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Please note that professional customs clearance work – whether or not it is combined with a freight forwarding service – is more than simply helping goods to travel over international borders without being delayed. It is also there to make sure your declarations are in good order so that customs officials do not impose financial penalties or even decide to carry out an audit. With Barrington Freight’s operations team behind you, you can help your firm to avoid such unwelcome outcomes.