Exporting goods via Cardiff Airport (CWL) or Maes Awyr Caerdydd, as it is known in Welsh, means needing to ensure that your customs clearances are in good order before your shipment even arrives at the air hub. This is why the expert services on offer from Barrington Freight are so useful to exporting firms located in South Wales – and further afield – who want to make use of Cardiff Airport for air freight services. We will help to ensure that all of your declarations are fully prepared so that there are no needless delays caused by customs officials working at the airport. With all of your customs clearance paperwork filled out in the correct manner, there should be no reason to prevent your goods from being loaded and becoming airborne at the first available opportunity.

All too often, British exporters fail to make the right declarations with their exports. This means that HMRC has the right to hold your items at the international border until problems or inaccuracies are resolved. As such, you need more than an EORI number to be able to successfully export via Cardiff Airport. We have the professional know-how to overcome the common issues that cause hold ups. Even more importantly, by outsourcing your customs clearance work to us, we will ensure that HMRC continues to be satisfied.

When you make use of air freight services at Cardiff Airport for exports, it is worth noting that the airport has facilities like warehousing and on-site Border Agency storage. At Barrington Freight, we are well-versed in all aspects of the day-to-day running of the airport and can ensure your goods make their way onto their intended final destination with as little fuss as possible.

Customs Clearances Handled For Exports Via Cardiff Airport

The operations team at Barrington Freight offers many years of experience dealing with export declarations in both the pre and post-Brexit landscapes. This means that we can help you whether your goods are heading to EU nation states, such as the Republic of Ireland, France or Italy, as well as to countries outside of the trading bloc. 

Of course, it is possible for you to complete your own export customs clearances for shipments heading out of the UK from Cardiff Airport. More often than not, however, this is a false economy since most businesses lack the in-house skills to carry out such work accurately every time. Why run the risk of delaying customer orders when we can take care of your customs clearance declarations for you?

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Combine Customs Clearance Agency Work With Freight Forwarding at Barrington Freight

Finally, please bear in mind that Barrington Freight is a freight forwarding firm as well as a customs clearance agency. Therefore, we can bring these two services together under one roof to provide a complete export solution for British firms. If you would like to know more about how our freight forwarding prowess goes hand-in-hand with our customs clearance exports, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.