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If you’re looking to send freight to Romania, here at Barrington Freight we have a range of different delivery services available for any size or shape of business consignment. From affordable pallet delivery, to express services for fast shipping via Romania road freight, we take pride in our position as a major freight forwarder to Romania. We have a host of vehicles waiting to be deployed on a well-travelled journey to the country, so if you’re looking for a quick, simple road freight to Romania service, look no further!

While we aim to carry any size of business shipments and cargo, we unfortunately can’t take on any non-commercial or personal shipments. For shipments relating to house moves, for car shipments or if your cargo includes any form of personal goods, feel free to get in touch with our recommended partners Anglo Pacific.

If you are looking to ship B2B, however, through local depots and offices in the capital Bucharest, we track and deliver road freight shipments throughout all 41 counties of Romania, providing haulage to every village, town and city, no matter how remote. As an EU member, no customs clearance is required and no paperwork is needed for delivery straight through to key points including Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Lasi, Constanta, Craiova, Brasov, Galati, Ploiesti, Oradea, Braila, Baia Mare, Targu Mures, Pitesti, Arad, Sibiu, Bacau, Buzau, Botosani, Giurgiu and Tulcea.

To some Brits, a mention of Romania brings to mind stories of Transylvania, Count Dracula or Vlad the Impaler – but this does no justice to the modern country. During the 2000s, Romania enjoyed one of the highest economic growth rates in Europe and was referred to as “Tiger of Eastern Europe” though it has since suffered the EU-wide recession. It is the eighth largest country in the European Union with 20 million inhabitants, so shipping to Romania via road freight is heavily in demand!

Exporting from Romania is becoming more and more common, with cargo often consisting of clothing and other textiles, industrial machinery, electrical equipment, military equipment, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Items that are possible for groupage shipments to and from Romania via road freight benefit from inexpensive international shipping costs, especially if your Romanian road freight is stackable including boxes, cartons, Euro/UK standard pallets, crates, cages or business-to-business parcels. We have also negotiated some great discounts for non-stackable loads, so just ask about our economy groupage services for shrink and stretch wrapped items, awkward shapes and sizes, fragile/secure cargo and indeed, any consignment requiring haulage to or from Romania.

Romanian imports include machinery and transport equipment, raw materials, chemicals and fuels, as well as consumer goods etc. Much of this freight travels as groupage to Romania, and our economy groupage service is ideal for cheap pallet delivery – including 120×100 120×80-centimetre base pallets, printer’s pallets, plastic pallets, wooden pallets – and non-palletised road freight to Romania benefits from cheap groupage deliveries too!

Unlike many other freight forwarders to Romania, we have express services available too. For time sensitive cargo via Romania road freight, our daily departures of trucks and trailers are a godsend. There’s no need to wait for days whilst a full truck load accumulates! As an independent European haulage and transport company, we can call upon a number of reliable European couriers to provide the very fastest delivery of groupage to Romania.

If you have urgent shipments that need to reach their destination quickly, we can offer next day services via Romania road freight and will find the best prices available. For those in less of a hurry, our 48-hour or economy services are a great alternative for saving money and can often be conducted by a single driver rather than a two-person team. The journey from the UK to Romania can take around 26 hours depending on where in the country your parcel is destined to be delivered, however by sending out our shipments on the day you book, we really can ensure your goods arrive the next day.

Although the current Romanian motorway network of “A” roads covers just 400 miles mainly near Bucharest, more are under construction and there are also good “National Roads” designated “DN”. This means that next day services via Romania road freight are practical for most of GB – RO. It may also be possible to offer a more affordable courier service with our aforementioned 48 service, which is achieved by using a single driver with rest breaks as opposed to a two-person team without. With all these reliable and secure options, why consider anything else?

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Here at Barrington Freight, we can cater for a whole host of different cargo requirements. We make it possible to ship full container loads, less-than container loads, pallet deliveries and even groupage services for those with smaller shipments. We can provide a variety of different vehicles too, including everything from Luton vans and lorries with tail lifts, to huge Euroliners and even cranes in some cases! For more information, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team, or simply fill out our free quote form for more information.

Barrington Freight offers the best in road freight to Romania and beyond, with cheap international shipping costs and the ultimate in customer service. Ring us on 01268 525 444 to get your exports and imports to and from Romania on their way, today!

Where is Romania located?

On the Black Sea in Southern Eastern Europe between Bulgaria and Ukraine. On its western borders lie Serbia and Hungary.