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International Freight to Guernsey

Guernsey is officially classed as a British Crown Dependency. Consequently, it is not a member of the European Union. Unlike EU states, therefore, there is no import VAT or duty to pay when shipping freight to Guernsey from the UK. However, this only applies so long as the goods being sent to the island were manufactured or obtained in the UK. Despite this, it is important for businesses based on the mainland to note that customs documentation is still required for shipments to Guernsey. You can look at the Guernsey customs website for more information.

Guernsey is not a constituent part of the UK. As such, it represents one of the closest overseas destinations for delivering commercial cargo via road freight. At Barrington Freight, we offer unbeatable shipping rates on our express freight services, groupage services and specialist handling services for both exports and imports to and from the Channel Islands. For Guernsey, this includes large machinery and consignments of awkward shapes or sizes. We can help with freight to Guernsey’s most common locations – such as Brecqhou, Capelles, Duval, L’Islet, La Collinette, La Tonelli, La Tour, Les Martins, Newtown, Rousse, St. Anne and St Germain – as well as many more out-of-the-way places on the island.

Dedicated Services For Freight Shipment To Guernsey

Our groupage to Guernsey is a popular economic delivery service that only takes as little as three to four days to arrive. We also offer express road freight for urgent cargo. We can ship to Guernsey via our extensive network of depots across the UK, providing door-to-door haulage delivery to the island. We guarantee fast deliveries for urgent import and export consignments. When it comes to full load consignments, these are typically also at their intended destination within three to four days.

Bear in mind that some large deliveries require special care and expertise in Guernsey due to the often tight, winding local roads and vehicle size restrictions on the island. With an extensive network of small streets across Guernsey, large delivery shipments will benefit from our local know-how. This includes multiple drop deliveries, as some areas have vehicle size restrictions but others do not. We can provide tail lift vehicles or a Hiab (crane lorry) for those without forklift access. Furthermore, we can also organise particularly challenging shipments, whether they are big, tall, long or high as well as those that include especially heavy, awkward or unusual items, such as large agricultural machinery, for instance.

Please note that we ship EU and UK pallet and carton groupage to Guernsey, too. We can handle printer pallets, wooden pallets, plastic pallets, 120×100 and 120×80 centimetre base pallets, stackable and non-stackable pallets, shrink and stretch wrapped goods, crates, skids and stillages. In short, we cover most types of freight to Guernsey.

Unrivalled Experience Shipping to Guernsey

Barrington Freight is a team of professional and experienced forwarders to the Channel Islands, including Guernsey which is known in French as the “Bailliage de Guernesey ”. Heavily influenced by its proximity to France, laying just 45km (28 miles) from the coast of Normandy, Guernsey still has an undeniable Gallic ambience. You may hear the ancient local dialect of Dgernesiais (Norman patois) still being used if you listen carefully.

Lush botanic gardens, hidden beach coves and glorious sunsets over the Atlantic give Guernsey a distinctly sub-tropical feel. There are more than a few quirky gems to explore such as the Little Chapel and Castle Cornet, as well as the great French writer, Victor Hugo’s house (owned by the city of Paris) which attracts numerous international visitors. As a bailiwick (a district area or jurisdiction), Guernsey is made up of ten parishes. These are Castel, Forest, St Andrew, St Martin, St Peter Port, St Pierre du Bois, St Sampson, St Saviour, Torteval and Vale. In addition, Guernsey serves as the gateway to the islands of Alderney and Sark (each with its own parliament), plus the smaller islands of Herm, Jethou and Lihou.

Barrington Freight operates as the premier freight forwarder to Guernsey, offering exceptional shipping rates beyond the parishes and islands to towns and villages. Typical consignments we organise will be to places like Brecqhou, Capelles, Duval, L’Islet, La Collinette, La Tonnelle, La Tour, Les Martins, Newtown, Rousse, St. Anne and St Germain, among others.

GBG haulage (Great Britain-Guernsey) has all the basics covered including consumer goods, food and drink, alcohol, motor vehicles and spares, computers and accessories, white goods and manufactured goods. Major imports to Guernsey from the UK include coal, petrol, oil, machinery and equipment, whilst primary exports from the island include cut flowers and tomatoes. We look forward to helping you organise and ship your full or part cargo load to Guernsey. Rest assured that your freight to Guernsey is safe in our hands.

Unrivalled Experience Transporting Freight To Guernsey

Our express road freight vans are used for urgent shipping to Guernsey. It is with this service that we can provide express door-to-door deliveries, relying on our extensive UK network of local depots. We guarantee to provide the fastest delivery of urgent consignments for export and import between Guernsey and the UK. Typically these will make use of ferry services via St Peter Port in Guernsey from a number of South Coast ports including Portsmouth, Poole and Weymouth.

Road Freight Transit Times to Guernsey from the UK

The exact pickup and drop of locations determine road freight transit times to Guernsey. We aim to deliver 3-4 days for groupage and full load deliveries while express services are frequently much quicker. Specific delivery timing depends on customs compliance.

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Whatever your consignment type, our regular services to and from Guernsey will provide an elegant solution for your shipment. This includes time-sensitive, fragile or even secure loads.
For more information about our services to Guernsey or if you have an unusual request, please contact our sales team on on 01268 978660 or email [email protected].

Where is Guernsey located?

Guernsey is in Western Europe. It is an island in the English Channel, northwest of France. Along with Jersey, Alderney, Sark and Herm, it makes up the Channel Islands.

Where is Guernsey located?

Guernsey is in Western Europe. It is an island in the English Channel, northwest of France. With Jersey, Alderney, Sark and Herm it makes up the Channel Islands.