Poland FlagAt Barrington Freight, we’re committed to bringing you the most reliable low-cost road freight services for your shipment to Poland, making the process quick and straightforward. Our extensive range of vehicles means we’re able to facilitate freight services for businesses of any size. With our largest vehicles offering a whopping 100cbm capacity, there’s plenty of room for commercial cargo deliveries to mainland Poland. Of course, we’re well-equipped to handle smaller shipments and offer a range of compact vehicles that can carry full, part, or groupage load options to provide the best freight solutions to Poland.

The Barrington Freight team are specialists in road freight to Poland and even the thousand miles between the UK and Poland won’t stop us from delivering your cargo on time. As well as a 48-hour turnaround service, we offer next day delivery to Poland and express delivery options, so our range of urgent freight services are reliable and flexible. 

Managing Freight Shipments to Poland

Getting your cargo from A to B is just one part of our service. In addition to providing secure, reliable and efficient commercial transport services, we can assist with other areas of the shipping process, including customs requirements and transit insurance if required. Our network is extensive and far-reaching, so anything you need for your shipment to Poland, we can help.

Road Freight Transit Times to Poland from the UK

Road freight to Poland is easy with Barrington Freight, even with extra customs obligations post-Brexit. We constantly endeavour to give speedy and expert service. Transit times currently are 5-7 days for groupage, 3-4 days for a full load, and 1-2 days for express.

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Simply let us know your requirements, including origin and destination of shipment requirements, and we’ll determine which is the fastest method for your freight shipping to Poland at the best price. 

For information about road freight to Poland or if you have an unusual load, contact our sales team on 01268 978660 or email [email protected].

Where is Poland?

Poland is in Central Europe; east of Germany, north of Slovakia and Czech Republic, west of Ukraine and Belarus, and south of Lithuania and the Baltic Sea.