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Poland FlagBarrington Freight is your reliable transport service for freight to Poland and other parts of Europe. We work closely with our local delivery partners throughout “Polska”, and ensure fast / safe collection and delivery of your cargo from UK to Poland or return, at reasonable international shipping costs. Part loads, full loads, express delivery or economy groupage; our transport vehicles for any type of delivery range from Sprinter vans, 7/5 tonner, 10 tonne-trucks, to 13.6 metre jumbo “mega” trailers – all of them fully maintained in excellent condition for the run. Ask for a competitive quote and compare our affordable prices and terms, or simply click here to get your online QuickQuote!

We carry business / commercial cargo only UK to / from Poland. For personal goods, house moves and car shipping we recommend our partners Anglo Pacific

Our road freight services cover all 16 Polish states or provinces (voivodeships), we provide haulage to West Pomerania, Warmia-Masuria, Swietokrzyskie, Subcarpathia, Silesia, Pomorskie, Podlaskie, Opole, Mazovia, Lubuskie, Lublin, Lower Silesia, Lodz, Lesser Poland, Kujawy-Pomerania and Greater Poland. Do you have to send or collect some heavy industrial machinery? Do you have palletised freight to Poland? Whether your cargo is big, tall, long, round or cube, we can handle your every business to business load – Barrington Freight are the premier freight forwarder to Poland!

Economy groupage to Poland offers cheap pallet delivery with an excellent record of the fastest deliveries – as an independent freight forwarder to “Rzeczpospolita Polska”, we send our Polish shipments with a number of reputable pan-European haulage and transport companies; this ensures your cargo from UK to Poland or back travels with the first available European couriers, with daily departures normally available.

Our economy groupage delivery service welcomes euro and uk export pallets, printers / plastic / wooden pallets, 120×100 and 120×80 pallets, and non-palletised items too; cages, skids and stillages; shrink or stretch wrapped goods; cartons of manufactured goods; even boxes, packing cases, packages and business to business parcels destined for Poland. For export and import to and from Poland, our cheap courier services are legendary!

Poland has 412264 kilometres of national roads that enable fast delivery to the whole country. Our skilled and experienced team of drivers know the efficient Polish transport system of road networks like the back of their hands. From the Polish motorways to the roughest back roads that lead to the most remote areas you can be sure of timely, safe and secure shipping of freight to Poland – including to the cities and towns of Bydgoszcz, Gdansk, Gdynia, Katowice, Kielce, Krakow, Lodz, Lublin, Poznan, Radom, Czestochowa, Szczecin, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Bialystok, Sosnowiec, Torun, Gliwice, Zabrze, Bytom and Olsztyn to name a few.

So we don’t just do economy groupage services to Poland; for urgent or time sensitive cargo between the UK and Poland we can also offer next day services and 48 hour / 2 day services too – by dedicated express courier van across Europe!

We have sprinter vans waiting for your call, situated at a number of strategic local depots, to ensure immediate collection from your pick-up point whether in GB or PL. Our couriers travel directly from pick-up to the destination, so we can genuinely offer next day delivery services using two-man driving teams. Our dedicated express road freight vans are ideal for urgent / fragile / secure / time sensitive cargo, so why even consider air freight to Poland when you can use our dedicated express road freight vans across Europe instead?

A cheaper courier service using a single driver with rest breaks is also available, this offers a 48 hour / 2 day service by dedicated road freight van, and is particularly useful where secure and safe carriage is your prime concern; our European van couriers are satellite tracked, and we can provide you with updated progress reports on request. Our manoeuvrable vans carry your express business to business cargo from the UK to Poland or back to meet the most demanding schedules; it is no wonder that Barrington Freight are acclaimed as the best and fastest freight forwarder to Poland.

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In the post-communist era, the economy has been transformed; after joining the EU in 2004, and then in 2007 the Schengen Area, the country’s borders with other member states have been dismantled – allowing for unrestricted trade and full freedom of movement within the EU. They were the only European economy to avoid recession in the late 2000’s, with road haulage to Poland and back playing a major part in Polish exports/imports.

Barrington Freight played a significant part in this; whether shipping groupage to Poland or return, cheap pallet delivery services, full truck loads or part loads, express road freight services, next day services and 48 hour / 2 day services, indeed any imports / exports to and from Poland; and don’t forget, we can provide bespoke tailored services for unusual loads too!

Where is Poland?

Poland is in Central Europe; east of Germany, north of Slovakia and Czech Republic, west of Ukraine and Belarus, and south of Lithuania and the Baltic Sea.