If you export goods via Birmingham International Airport (BHX) or plan to in the future, then Barrington Freight is on hand to guide you through the process of ensuring your consignments pass through their customs checks unhindered. At Barrington Freight, we have a wealth of experience to draw upon when it comes to exporting goods out of the UK using air freight services. Although shipping by air is often quicker than other exportation routes, the speed of delivery can be undone by poorly handled customs clearance work. This is why our expertise in this field can prove to be so invaluable to exporters, both large and small.

As Birmingham Airport is located so centrally in the UK, it is one of the most important hubs for air freight for numerous British exporters. Even if they are not located in the West Midlands, many exporting firms will have warehouses in the region since it is one of the central logistical hubs in the British Isles. As such, knowing how to ensure your goods pass through the customs checks that will take place at Birmingham Airport is essential if you want to maintain a speedy and efficient delivery service for your customers.

Since the UK left the European Union, customs inspections prior to goods being loaded onto air freight services at Birmingham Airport have been mandatory for all flights to EU member states. This is also the case for countries outside of the EU, of course. However, if your customs clearance declarations are not quite right, then HMRC officers may hold your goods up while problems are rectified. They also have the power to impound your exports if they see fit. That’s why our expertise in managing all of your customs clearance export paperwork is so useful.

Exporting Goods Via Birmingham Airport Made Easy

At Barrington Freight, we have a good working knowledge of the way customs officers work at Birmingham Airport. Coupled with our unrivalled know-how with the online declaration system that is in place for exports in the UK, we are ideally placed to streamline your exportation processes. Allow us to complete your declarations – including the relevant commodity coding – and ensure your shipment’s accompanying paperwork matches its online declaration. By outsourcing such processes to professionals, you will find that goods pass through Birmingham Airport much more smoothly and with less likelihood of delays.

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Unite Your Freight Forwarding Needs With Our Customs Clearance Work

Please bear in mind that Barrington Freight is unusual insofar as our operations team handle both customs clearances at Birmingham Airport as well as freight forwarding work. These are two distinct services that we deliver centrally under one roof. As such, your exported goods can be handled for you both in the UK and overseas while ensuring that they are not held up at the international border. We’ll deal with all of the travel arrangements as well as the necessary customs clearance declarations in a unified way, providing you with regular updates as to your consignment’s progress. Call us today to discuss your requirements.