Importing from Slovakia to the UK

If you are looking for experienced freight forwarders to the UK from Slovakia, look no further than Barrington Freight. We provide prompt and professional shipping and can offer a range of services from express to full load, partial load, or groupage. Our entire team are experts, and this expertise includes customs agents with years of experience in getting cargo quickly and efficiently across the borders from Europe into the UK. Even after Brexit, our team has the latest information and understanding of new regulations to ensure your cargo bypasses any unnecessary stoppages. In addition, we have decades of experience shipping into the UK from across the EU. So even in post-Brexit times, we can help your haulage be compliant and arrive at its destination on time. 

Slovakia is a relatively small country of 5.4 million, but it’s well located for trade, as it’s positioned in the heart of Europe. The local economy is dominated by various industries, including automotive, electronics, engineering, tourism, and a range of services. With an educated population and stabilised economic policies, there are ample trade opportunities between Slovak and UK businesses. Another factor that makes things easier is English being popularly spoken as a language of business. This is due to several large UK companies operating locally, including Tesco, GlaxoSmithKline, Shell, Arlington, Tate and Lyle, BAE Systems, and Allen and Overy. As a result, Slovakia endeavours to maintain close relations with the UK even post-Brexit and the complexities that bring. 

There are numerous opportunities for UK businesses to import goods and products from Slovakia. Currently, the most significant Slovakian exports are vehicles, machinery and electrical equipment, metals, chemicals, and various minerals. Slovakia also has the title of producing more cars per capita than any other country. The auto industry is the primary reason for a notable quantity of the country’s exports. So even with the Brexit border legislation changing, additional border constraints, duties and paperwork, importing opportunities are still abundant and lucrative. It’s vital, however, to work with an experienced freight forwarder to get your shipment past the EU and UK borders quickly and easily. Barrington Freight will handle your freight and offer advice and guidance every step to make shipping easy and ensure there are no unnecessary stoppages that will cost time and money. We are a shipping company you can trust, so call us to find out how we can help.

Customs Responsibilities

With so many customs law changes since Brexit, it’s vital to speak to your customs agent and freight forwarder for the latest legislation and guidance. 

Road Freight to the UK from Slovakia

Shipments from Slovakia to the UK currently take 5-7 days for groupage, 2-3 days for full or partial load, or 1-2 days express. If you require more speedy delivery, call our team to chat about the possibilities. 

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