Exporting to Greece from the UK

Exporting freight to Greece is still a strong industry amid much past uncertainty in the Greek economy. Trade and importing goods is one area that has held its own regardless of the ups and downs experienced in the area. Barrington Freight is an experienced freight forwarder to Greece and the Greek islands, so trust us to get your cargo where it needs to go when you send it from the UK and can help with our excellent network of local agents and importers. 

The diversification of private companies and continued privatisation of public assets in the region have provided UK companies opportunities. While more than 50% of Greek industrial activity is centred in Greater Athens, freight forwarding has a strong place far beyond, through the country to support industries including agriculture, tourism, construction, and shipping. As an EU country, haulage to Greece is governed by EU customs regulations which the UK is no longer covered by since it has left the single market. Post-Brexit means more paperwork, tariffs and customs obligations from the UK; however, your experienced European haulage expert can support you in making compliance a breeze and get your cargo quickly across the border. So whether you are looking to ship to Athens, the surrounding area, or further afield, contact Barrington Freight to find out how we can help you get started. 

Customs and Duties

There are a myriad of customs regulations changes since Brexit, so be sure to speak to your freight forwarder or customs agent for the latest regulations that apply to your specific type of goods. In addition, UK shipments are now treated like any other foreign country into the European Union, so to avoid delays, be sure you are prepared. 

Customs Declarations are required on all shipments. Although the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement allows for ‘zero tariffs’, this doesn’t replace a Customs Declaration and only applies to Customs duties, but VAT will still be due. There are reciprocal agreements in place VAT liability, including payment to the relevant government agencies. As always, it’s best to speak to your customs agent for advice on tariff, duties and VAT liability if you are unsure so you don’t get any nasty surprises. When working with Barrington Freight, we have our in-house experts to guide you through the process and uncover any possible issues before they happen. 

Road Freight to Greece

Regardless of the goods you’re transporting, road freight haulage to Greece is prompt and straightforward with Barrington Freight, even with more customs requirements. We provide speedy service, which currently takes 8-10 days for groupage to Greece, 3-4 days for a full load, and 3-4 days for express shipping.

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Remove the stress that can come with commercial exports to Greece from the UK with Barrington Freight. Our services ensure your consignment reaches its delivery point safely and on time, including urgent express orders. Get in touch for more information on our services or if you have an unusual load request. Our sales team can help on 01268 978660 or email [email protected].