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Bearing in mind the size of the territory, you might think road freight to Gibraltar is an infrequent request; but think again! Whilst having independent rule, Gibraltar is a UK overseas territory and home to many British ex-pats, generating much demand for UK consumer products. Becoming increasingly significant as a British trading partner, we regularly ship plenty of cargo from the UK to Gibraltar and back.

We carry business / commercial cargo only UK to / from Gibraltar. For personal goods, house moves and car shipping we recommend our partners Anglo Pacific 

It is a popular relocation destination for many UK businesses who base offshore operations there – as a result, demand has steadily increased for commercial haulage to Gibraltar from Britain – and return. Apart from business-to-business groupage to Gibraltar, we accept part loads and full loads of all shapes and sizes, heavy machinery and manufactured goods, fragile / secure / time sensitive consignments on our express services, indeed almost all exports and imports to and from Gibraltar. We can help you with large loads to Gibraltar on flat bed trailers, low loaders and semi low loaders.

First Class Freight Forwarding To The Gibraltar Peninsula

As a first-class freight forwarder to Gibraltar, we have transported a variety of cargo from UK to Gibraltar – dog kennels for Gibraltar Customs, building materials for the Casino, office furniture for banking operations, and of course consumer goods too; the list is almost endless. We cover the whole territory, including the areas of East Side, North District, Reclamation Areas, Sandpits Area, South District, Town Area and Upper Town; we deliver to Catalan Bay, Europa Point, Sandy Bay, St Abbs Head, Grand Casemates Square, the Royal Navy Hospital, South Barracks, Buena Vista Barracks, Lathbury Barracks, the North Front Airfield, Devils Tower Road, Main Street, the Dockyard, Europort Road, Queensway, Waterport Road, Winston Churchill Avenue, Europa Road, and elsewhere.

Shipments to Gibraltar cross the border with Gibraltar at the Spanish town of La Linea de la Concepcion. Here, local agency partners help gain clearance from Spanish customs, which unfortunately is not always straightforward. Another good reason to use the experts – Barrington Freight, the professional freight forwarders to Gibraltar!

You are probably aware that Spain asserts a claim to the territory, and from time-to-time this flares up – with Spanish customs causing long queues at the border; however, most of the time things run smoothly, especially since we always ensure correct paperwork accompanies your road freight to Gibraltar. This is especially crucial for urgent shipments to Gibraltar, which we can send express service by dedicated courier van across Europe. With almost 97% of the journey via motorways, we can use a two-driver team to drive the 1500 miles in around 36-48 hours, offering a speedy delivery service; a 48 hour / 2 day service is available using a single driver with rest breaks.

We Make Express Freight To Gibraltar Simple

We have dedicated express road freight vans waiting in Gibraltar and at local depots across the UK; so we can have a Sprinter, Escort or Luton van at your premises at very short notice, and our couriers speed directly across Europe to achieve the best possible transit times – a convenient and affordable alternative to air freight to Gibraltar. Our express services offer a unique solution for next day delivery or 2 day / 48 hour logistics. We are extremely proud of our dedicated fast haulage to Gibraltar!

The difficult terrain in parts of Gibraltar is known to almost all, especially the mountainous Rock of Gibraltar with its colony of Barbary Macaques which prove such a magnet for tourists. However, this also makes large or heavy haulage to some parts of Gibraltar more difficult, and may necessitate multiple drop-offs using smaller vehicles at your destination. Gibraltar is only 6.8 square kilometres in area, and road access can be challenging in some parts of the island. If you have a larger load we will require the full delivery address to verify vehicular access.

Having said that, we are pleased to organise even the most difficult Gibraltarian logistics with our reliable local partner depots. So if you have special requirements, and need bespoke or tailored haulage, Barrington Freight to Gibraltar are at your service! We can organise flat loaders, low loaders, tail lift trucks and fork lifts, whatever your GBZ shipment requires.

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Our cheap pallet shipping is, of course, suitable for most exports / imports to and from Gibraltar; euro and uk export pallets (whether stackable or non-stackable) make up the bulk of deliveries. We welcome full loads and part loads of printers / plastic / wooden pallets and skids and stillages – for cheap international shipping we are unbeatable. For economy delivery of groupage to Gibraltar, Barrington Freight are the most efficient and affordable European haulage/transport company; trust us with your 120×100 and 120×80 centimetre base pallets of machinery and manufactured goods, you will not be disappointed.

So for all freight forwarding to Gibraltar, for express services and economy groupage alike, ring 01268 525 444 for the best inexpensive delivery services available!

Where is Gibraltar located?

Gibraltar is in South Western Europe, bordering the Strait of Gibraltar, which links the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, on the southern coast of Spain