France FlagFrance may be one of the UK’s closest continental locations for freight services, but shipping can be a minefield, especially with the additional post-Brexit customs requirements. We ensure shipping is easy and it will hopefully get even easier when a European trade deal is completed. We ensure a seamless service from start to finish and including compliance with Brexit customs requirements and regulations.

We operate both ways between France and the UK to move business freight, including cargo, pallets, and packages of various sizes and weights.

Road Freight Transit Times to France from the UK

France is a highly requested location for freight delivery, so we offer express freight for same-day delivery if all customs regulations are met. Road freight to France can still be easy with Barrington Freight, even with additional customs requirements. We strive to provide fast and efficient service, which currently takes 3-5 days for groupage, 1-2 days for a full load, and 1-2 days for express.

Customs Post-Brexit

Post-Brexit, you need to look at more customs considerations for an easy conveyance. Primarily, you need an EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number) for both the UK and the EU. There are a host of other customs requirements too so it’s best to use a reputable shipping company or customs agent to take the guesswork out for you. See our blog on What is an EORI Number if you are unsure if you have or need one.

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Where is France Located?

France is in Western Europe, stretching from the Bay of Biscay and English Channel to the Mediterranean Sea, lying south-east of the UK between Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Italy.