The operations team at Barrington Freight is well-versed in all the requirements British exporters will need to meet in order to move goods through the Port of Southampton so that they can continue their onward journeys without problems. Because we operate as customs clearance agents at all of the UK’s major ports, we know exactly how to fill out invoice declarations and so on. This means that when customs officials come to inspect your consignment(s) at the port, they will see what they need so that your shipment can continue on its way.

All too often, exporting firms either do not have sufficient in-house knowledge of the workings at Southampton port or do not have the right skills to complete customs declarations correctly. Given that all road shipments to continental Europe need to undergo checks before they board cross-channel services, like those at Southampton, getting such paperwork in good order is essential. If not, the customs officer in charge of your goods’ inspection may decide to delay your items until he or she is satisfied that your firm can make the necessary clarifications. In some cases, it could be even worse for you, as well as your intended customer, because the whole consignment may be impounded at the port.

At Barrington Freight, we will provide you with a wealth of experience dealing with all of these issues on your behalf to help ensure a swift departure of your shipment. By ensuring that the correct online declarations have been made that match properly with the consignment’s accompanying paperwork, customs officials will have no good reason to cause a hold up. As such, your European customers will be able to expect their delivery on the timescale you had originally planned.

Expertise With Road and Sea Exports Via Southampton

With so much know-how with customs clearance work and a sound understanding of what it takes to get goods through Southampton port unhindered by delays, there is no finer firm of export agents you could turn to than those at Barrington Freight. Our operations team will provide all of the diligence you should expect of a professionally run service. In short, we will take the hassle out of exporting goods to Europe – and beyond – so that you can concentrate on making sales and fulfilling orders while we deal with the often complex paperwork issues surrounding exported goods for you.

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Blend Our Customs Clearance Service With High-Quality Freight Forwarding

Because Barrington Freight is not just a customs clearance agency we can also deal with other aspects of your shipment. When sending goods to customers through Southampton port, we can arrange for their collection from you, or even your supplier, and have them on their way to their intended destination rapidly. By combining our customs clearance export work with our freight forwarding services, we’ll make sure you obtain a top-class delivery with no unnecessary stoppages. Since both services are delivered by our efficient operations team, you will benefit from an economic and professionally put together business solution that all UK exporters can enjoy.